What do wings mean to you? A wing tattoo according to us is a depiction of freedom. It is a state of mind where you feel like one can achieve anything and has the wings to fly to any level of success. We have come across 20 mind-blowing designs that you could consider in case you wanted a tattoo on the similar lines.

Angel Wings Back Tattoo

angel wings back tattoo


This is one crazy tattoo design but we absolutely loved it. The wings have so much detailing done to it. There is so much intricate work done on it and it has been extended with peacock feathers. The shading, coloring and the design itself, we love all of it.

Wing Tattoo Design on Arm

wing tattoo design on arm


This design is a little different from the others we have seen. They are wings but the exact form has not been brought out. This is a different set of wings. The design is plain and no added coloring. We love the simplicity behind this idea.

Angel Wing Tattoo on Neck

angel wing tattoo on neck


This design is again well thought off and well designed. The light to dark shading done makes it look graceful and the place chosen for the tattoo is perfect.

Fallen Angel Tattoo

fallen angel tattoo


If you are looking to cover your entire back with something cool, this can be that design. It covers your entire back and looks visually appealing also. The design is dainty and the black and gray shading is done very well.

Spirit Angel Tattoo on Below Neck

spirit angel tattoo on below neck


This angel tattoo is more inclined towards the spiritual aspect. There are sun rays added to the back of it depicting ray of hope. We would recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a design done on the spiritual aspect.

Cross Angel Wing Tattoo

cross angel wing tattoo


Ankle Tattoo for Women

ankle tattoo for women


Awesome Angel Wing Tattoo

awesome angel wing tattoo


Cute Wings Tattoo on Hand

cute wings tattoo on hand


Unique Wings Tattoo for Women

unique wings tattoo for women


Creative Wing Tattoo for Men

creative wing tattoo for men


Traditional Rose Tattoo Design

traditional rose tattoo design


These are few designs that we think you will love. People like to put in a lot of thought behind their tattoo designs and we hope that with this collection, we managed to make things easy for you.

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