From a simple caterpillar to a beautiful insect, butterflies are colorful creatures no wonder they make popular tattoo designs. The wing structures provide the perfect canvas to experiment with different color combinations that will make butterfly tattoos not only unique and versatile but also eye-catching. They have symbolic meanings such as freedom, grace, transformation and rebirth. Whether in 3D style or watercolor, there is a butterfly tattoo design that will look amazing on your skin.

3D Butterfly Tattoos

Do you want your tattoo to have a realistic look? Then opt to do your butterfly in a 3d style. The intricate shading, three dimension element, and open wing design makes butterfly tattoos look as if they are flying right out of your skin.

Purple 3D Butterfly Tattoo

purple 3d butterfly tattoo


3D Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

3d butterfly tattoo on shoulder


3D Butterfly Tattoo on Leg

3d butterfly tattoo on leg1


Small Butterfly Tattoos

If you need to make your finger beautiful, then opt for small butterfly tattoos. For a girlish design add vibrant colors such as pink, red, yellow, orange and purple. The small size will create a cute and attractive body art yet still have the same symbolic meaning as a large design.

Small Butterfly Tattoo for Back

small butterfly tattoo for back


Tribal Butterfly Tattoos

Tribal butterfly tattoos feature dark lines and black, blue or red ink which give these tattoo an ancient vibe. Since they are less colorful, they often have swirls and lines that help create a realistic outline of the butterfly. Opt for large designs which can be placed on the waist, as an arm band or on the back. You may also See Eagle Tattoo Designs

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder

tribal butterfly tattoo on shoulder


Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

Getting a butterfly in a watercolor effect will not only make it more beautiful but also draw attention towards that particular body part. These designs can take on any characteristics that will help a butterfly look unique. You can even opt for imaginative butterfly tattoos that have meanings that are only understood by the wearer.

Watercolor Flower and Butterfly Tattoo

watercolor flower and butterfly tattoo1


Butterfly and Flower Tattoos

Butterflies are versatile that you can integrate other designs to help it stand out. Flower tattoos will give an authentic nature environment where this insect tends to dwell. If your butterfly has to look attractive, then the flower has to have a subtle design. To make your tattoo special then ink it with a close friend.

Butterfly and Lotus Flower Tattoo for Women

butterfly and lotus flower tattoo for women


Butterfly and Flower Tattoo on Arm

butterfly and flower tattoo on arm


Skull Butterfly Tattoos

Skull Butterfly tattoos are perfect for men who need to move away from the feminine traits associated with butterflies. Opting for to use black ink only will help these tattoos have a gothic look. Ladies can still opt for these tattoos to depict their unique personalities. You may also See Peacock Tattoo Designs

Sugar Skull Butterfly Tattoo

sugar skull butterfly tattoo


Skull and Rose Butterfly Tattoo

skull and rose butterfly tattoo


Butterfly Sleeve Tattoo Designs

The sleeve is the ideal place to ink a large design of a butterfly tattoo. Individuals with a conservative character can choose simple black or gray butterfly sleeve tattoo designs. Putting this insect on the sleeves gives the illusion of freedom of the arms to do what suits the body or the person.

Butterfly Wings Tattoos

Whether open or closed, butterfly wings tattoo are popular with both males and female tattoo lovers. While the open wing design is a favorite to many, they often depict flight or freedom that makes them unique. Closed wing butterfly tattoos suit small sizes. To give these tattoos, an edge opt to offset the wings.

Butterfly Wings Tattoo for Women

butterfly wings tattoo for women


Butterfly Arm Tattoos

Do you need a cool arm tattoo that can still incorporate other designs? Butterfly tattoos can include other elements that will make the tattoo to look more intriguing. If you don’t need to add other tattoos then simply expand the wings of the butterfly to ensure the design matches with the size of your arm.

Butterfly Upper Arm Tattoo

butterfly upper arm tattoo


Butterfly Tattoo on Lower Arm

butterfly tattoo on lower arm


Celtic Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Celtic butterfly tattoo designs make it fun and creative to appreciate ethnic heritage. These tattoos get their inspiration from the Celtic people and feature knot work which interconnects on both the wings of the butterfly and exoskeleton. The loops which are endless give the butterfly a timeless effect. You may also See Owl Tattoo Designs

Celtic Knot Butterfly Tattoo Design

celtic knot butterfly tattoo design1


Celtic Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

celtic butterfly tattoo on chest


Lace Butterfly Tattoos

Chic and attractive, lace butterfly tattoos will depict your feminine side. Ladies who go for these tattoos want to describe their love for simple, feminine and sexy elements. The butterfly tattoo is usually done with a lace design, is often placed on the thighs and can include other symbols such as heart tattoos.

Black Lace Butterfly Tattoo for Women

black lace butterfly tattoo for women


Butterfly Back Tattoos

If you intend to get a large butterfly design then its best you place it on the back. This body part provides ample space for you to showcase the beauty of a butterfly as well as elaborate on other parts such as the antennae. With the back as your ideal space, you will be able to get a conspicuous butterfly.

Butterfly Leg Tattoo Designs

If you don’t intend to show off your tattoo frequently, then place it on the leg where you can easily cover it up with pants. Butterfly leg tattoo designs are suitable for men who need to depict freedom without having to sacrifice their conservative traits. Placing this tattoo on the leg represents freedom to go anywhere you want.

Black Butterfly Leg Tattoo

black butterfly leg tattoo


Pink Butterfly Leg Tattoo

pink butterfly leg tattoo


Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Designs

A monarch butterfly has orange and black hues with white spots on the wings giving it an exotic image. The vibrant colors will complement many skin tones while the toxic character of this insect will act as a warning to other people to avoid messing with you.

Flying Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

flying monarch butterfly tattoo


Flying Butterfly Tattoos

What better way to portray a flying butterfly then opting for open wing designs. Flying butterfly tattoos depict freedom and show the need for flight. You can put a twist on this tattoo by having one wing placed on one sleeve and add the other wing to the other arm.

Side Flying Butterfly Tattoo Design

side flying butterfly tattoo design


Gothic Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Gothic Butterfly tattoos feature black ink which is synonymous with any gothic design. They help send a particular message and give tattoos a personal touch. These tattoos can either be elaborate, discrete or in a form that is intriguing. While black is a favorite to gothic style, these designs are not limited to that color.

Gothic Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

gothic butterfly tattoo on wrist1


Traditional Butterfly Tattoos

Traditional butterfly tattoos feature the whole body of the insect including wings and antennae. Don’t confuse these tattoos as boring because they often include vibrant colors and intricate styles which help the butterfly to look genuine. Make this tattoo personal by integrating less common flowers such as daffodil and lotus.

Neo Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

neo traditional butterfly tattoo


Butterfly and Stars Tattoo Designs

Some tattoo combinations just show creativity and butterfly and star tattoo designs are one of them. They bring fantasy and nature to life. You will look beautiful when you opt to draw four to five small butterflies with stardust. Or ink one large butterfly tattoo with stardust surrounding it.

Butterfly And Stars Tattoo Designs

butterfly and stars tattoo designs


Butterfly Vine Tattoos

Whether on the feet, wrist, around the waist, stomach, back or along the backbone, butterfly vine tattoos have a flowy nature which enables them to be placed on most body parts. Place small vine colored butterfly tattoos on both sides of the body.

Butterfly Vine Tattoo for Women

butterfly vine tattoo for women


Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly shoulder tattoo designs are inked on the shoulders to draw attention towards the neck as well as the arm. You can opt to make your tattoo to flow from the neck to the wrist by adding other designs such as veins, a snake or dragon.

Front Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo Design

front shoulder butterfly tattoo design


When considering tattoo designs for women, butterflies will rank among the top. With endless ways to ink butterfly tattoos, you will definitely find a design that will highlight your style and make you look attractive. Whatever place you put it, the right butterfly tattoo should complement your style without sacrificing the symbolic meaning.

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