Unicorn tattoos have been popular among women for the grace and prettiness it exuberates. The unicorn is symbolic of peace, purity and also fantasy as it has been long related to fantasy folklore. An elaborate and colorful unicorn sleeve tattoo is not only visually appealing but also an insightful art on the body.

If you are looking for design ideas for your next, or even first, tattoo, we recommend you give these amazing unicorn tattoo designs a shot:

Flower with Unicorn Tattoo

Flower with Unicorn Tattoo Source

Flowers and unicorns are the oldest and one of the most popular design ideas, especially among the ladies. Now, if you merge them, you will create a classic tattoo that is sure to turn heads. Use bright and contrasting colours to make it even more prominent.

Unicorn Wings Tattoo Design

Unicorn Wings Tattoo Design Source

This one is for all the lovers of fantasy and folklore out there. A unicorn with wings is a tattoo that can be so versatile and mean different things depending on when, where and how you want them to be.

Unicorn Ankle Tattoo Idea

Unicorn Ankle Tattoo Idea Source

Tattoos on ankles and the feet are now an increasing trend. For all the free-spirited people, a unicorn tattoo on the ankle would aptly reflect their nature and free soul. Add little extra details on your otherwise simple tattoo to give it more insight.

Unicorn and Butterfly Tattoo

Unicorn and Butterfly Tattoo Source

Haven’t we all loved those pretty little beautiful tattoos on our wrists and shoulders since forever? Well, why not give it some more character by adding another little creature to it, a unicorn, perhaps? Prettiness redefined.

Geometric Unicorn Tattoo Design

Geometric Unicorn Tattoo Design Source

Unicorns don’t always necessarily have to be fantastical and pretty and elaborate. They can also be of a geometric design or a fading colour type to twist the age-old symbolic significance of the unicorn. Add details and a lot of thought.

Rainbow Unicorn Tattoo

Rainbow Unicorn Tattoo Source

Talk about opulence! This tattoo brings out all the fantasy and mysterious folklore that the unicorn is related to. A unicorn with a rainbow tattoo is not just extremely visually appealing but also immensely interesting and (of course) bright. Make your body a clean canvas and start painting.

Small Unicorn Tattoo on Wrist

Small Unicorn Tattoo on Wrist Source

If you’re planning on getting a text inked on your wrist, go ahead and team up with a small cute unicorn to give it more character. Be it black or filled with colors, a small unicorn will immediately give the text tattoo your own twist.

Unicorn Tattoo on Back

Unicorn Tattoo on Back Source

The back is one of the most preferred areas to get a tattoo since it gives more freedom of space for elaborate tattoos. So, let your imaginations run wild and bring out the fantasy and mystery lover in you in the form of body art.

Black Unicorn Tattoo on Hand

Black Unicorn Tattoo on Hand Source

Simple, minimalistic and hassle-free yet notice-worthy. If you’re not a big tattoo person but a big fantasy lover and want to give that expression, a simple black unicorn tattoo on the hand does the job. If not just black, add colours, patterns or text.

Unicorn Dragon Tattoo Design

Unicorn Dragon Tattoo Design Source

This is one drool-worthy tattoo. If the unicorn isn’t fantastical enough for you, the ever-mysterious dragon will add that extra edge to your already amazing tattoo. Geometric designs with a Unicorn Dragon tattoo can be the ultimate deal.

Cloud Unicorn Tattoo Design

Cloud with Unicorn Tattoo Source

Cute Unicorn Tattoo Idea

Cute Unicorn Tattoo Idea Source

Watercolor Unicorn Tattoo

Watercolor Unicorn Tattoo Source

Flower Unicorn Tattoo Idea

Unicorn Tattoo for Sleeve Source

Rose Unicorn Tattoo

Rose Unicorn Tattoo Source

Small Unicorn Tattoo Design

Unicorn Tattoo for Back of Ear Source

Blue Unicorn Tattoo Design

Blue Unicorn Tattoo Design Source

Simple Unicorn Tattoo Idea

Simple Unicorn Tattoo Idea Source

Tiny Unicorn Tattoo for Finger

Unicorn Tattoo for Finger Source

Black Tattoo for Shoulder

Unicorn Tattoo for Shoulder Source

Cartoon Unicorn Tattoo Idea

Unicorn Doll Tattoo Idea Source

Unicorn tattoos are definitely not new in the body art scene but new designs, patterns and techniques can sure make them out-of-the-box and unique yet very individualistic and are a great choice for that first ink on your body. It is surely versatile and can be cute as well as bold, black-and-white and beautifully colorful.

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