A great tattoo can be stared at indefinitely until the soul is perceived within. A tattoo that can match the infinite imagination of the human mind is one you wouldn’t get bored of. So what represents the infinite better than the celestial figures?

These trendy galaxy tattoos can showcase your inner astronaut – with gorgeous watercolour hues that invite you to spiral into the infinite. Nothing makes for a conversation-starter better than a space tattoo. These tattoos will make them go starry-eyed for sure.

Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo Source

This spacey take on science’s classic symbol – the atom with its particles spinning around – bursts with energy. This tattoo has a strong sense of motion. The artists use a few splashes of color in a spiral pattern to give it depth. You may also see Negative Space Tattoos

Galaxy Chest Tattoo

Galaxy Chest Tattoo Source

It’s believed now that there’s a star out there made entirely of diamonds. Enter the age of the space diamond with the right tattoo – the diamond itself uses shading to highlight its facets whilst space is shown best with a small splash of watercolor. This tattoo works in all sizes but you can go for large size if you want to make a deep impact.

Galaxy Tattoo on Sleeve

Galaxy Tattoo on Sleeve Source

A large tattoo can be difficult to sit through, but it’s worth it when the scene is painted this vividly. The Death Star will stand out to Star Wars fans, whilst the planets provide balance to a large and carefully constructed scene. The little details, like the TIE fighter, add further character to it.

Spiral Galaxy Tattoo Design

Spiral Galaxy Tattoo Design Source

Spirals are naturally aesthetic shapes, and galaxy tattoos make good use of this. The colors complement perfectly, making for a simple and powerful tattoo. Twinkling stars dot the spirals at the right places to catch eyeballs.

Small Galaxy Tattoo on Wrist

Small Galaxy Tattoo on Wrist Source

Smaller tattoos are great for first-time inkers, but you’ll want to avoid the usual clichés. This pawprint on the universe is a small and tasteful galaxy tattoo, for the Nyan Cat in all of us.

Diamond Galaxy Tattoo

Diamond Galaxy Tattoo Source

This tattoo works with symmetry – placed in the center of the back. Diamond shapes in watercolor are definitely in – with the shape serving as a frame into the galaxy. The colors seep in from below to create a dynamic effect. This tattoo is all about the texture – it helps in experimenting with the colors, stars, and planets to create a killer galaxy tattoo.

Star Galaxy Tattoo Idea

Star Galaxy Tattoo Idea Source

Another tattoo that works well with symmetry – this one is a minimalist design, with splotchy edges that add character. The watercolor effect makes it stand out. This tattoo is balanced out by a black and white replica of it on the other hand.

Galaxy Tattoo on Shoulder

Galaxy Tattoo on Shoulder Source

A unicorn with a galaxy inside it, this tattoo is bound to impress and works well with a positive quote. As we all know, unicorns can open universes. Shoulder placement works well, with mini-stars dotting the frame. Utilise the horn placement to show off body contours.

Galaxy Tattoo on Forearm

Galaxy Tattoo on Forearm Source

This tattoo communicates motion, and will certainly get the astrophysicists staring for its accurate depiction of orbits. Arrows can be used to communicate spin, and the watercolor effect is complimented by a minimally eclipsed moon tattoo. A great tattoo for the sciency types.

Galaxy Back Tattoo

Galaxy Back Tattoo Source

This tattoo encloses its galaxy within a diamond shape – clean borders hold a vivid picture within, of various planets and the moon. Stars dot the blue background to give an overall painterly effect. Symmetrical placement makes this tattoo a lifelong happy decision. You may also see Zelda Tattoo Designs

Galaxy Cat Tattoo Design

Galaxy Cat Tattoo Design Source

Galaxy Tattoo on Arm

Galaxy Tattoo on Arm Source

Galaxy Moon Tattoo Design

Galaxy Moon Tattoo Design Source

Beautiful Galaxy Tattoo Design

Beautiful Galaxy Tattoo Design Source

Galaxy Tattoo for Men

Galaxy Tattoo for Men Source

Cute Galaxy Tattoo Idea

Cute Galaxy Tattoo Idea Source

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo Design

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo Design Source

Unique Galaxy Tattoo Idea

Unique Galaxy Tattoo Idea Source

Galaxy Back Tattoo for Women

Galaxy Back Tattoo for Women Source

Creative Galaxy Tattoo Design

Creative Galaxy Tattoo Design Source

Galaxy Feathers Tattoo Idea

Galaxy Feathers Tattoo Idea Source

Space tattoos lend themselves towards great conversations. Color and symmetry are the defining aesthetics, but the content is what raises eyebrows the most – unicorns and death stars are the new timeless subjects. A splash of watercolor and a moon tattoo can make for a great first tattoo. Space, as both concept and reality, will forever be timeless.

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