Tattoo Designs and Ideas

As with jewelry, men and women have always been eager to look special. Well, there aren’t many art forms that have been around us as is tattooing. Anthropological claims suggest that the first tattooed human lived more than 15,000 years ago! The use of tattoos and is history is varied, diverse and quite colorful. It is believed by many historians that the first tattoo came by as an accident. A small cut in the skin when rubbed with sooty hands left a permanent mark and we then began recreating the process as a means of self decoration. Read More

Tattoos have however not been just limited to its decorative functionality. There is a vast cultural significance of tattooing wherein tattoos helped categorize the ranks of people.

Tattoos through history

Tattoos get mentioned in the Bible, indicating that the practice was common among ancients civilization of the Middle East. Body signs, as in tattoos, have been used to declare social status, magical amulets against the evil, as a form of punishment, as reminder of religion and religious beliefs and finally as adornments to beautify the skin. In around 3,300 BC, tattoos were also believed to cure arthritis. A fossilized man from the Bronze era, also known as “Otzi, the Ice Man” revealed 58 tattoos on his body. Similarly, tattoos have been recorded for the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Polynesian, the North American, Japanese, European and Indian.

Tattoos of today

Statistics suggest that more than 39 million Americans sport some form of tattoos on their skin. From the mid-twentieth century belief that tattoos were symbolic of “bad boys” and sailors, we have come to a period when tattoos form an important part of regular fashion. Today, tattoos would be worn by bad boys and good girls, street side punks and CEOs!

How to choose your tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo for religious purposes, the decision is already made, however, if it is strictly for the sake of adornment, there are unending options to choose from. Depending upon your personality and professions, tattoos can become a glaring statement. From full body tribal art to small angels on the back of your neck, there are possibilities all across. The best thing about tattooing is that you can choose and create your own design. As opposed to jewelry where you will have to choose from limited alternatives, tattoos are solely yours to decide. Today, tattooing has taken the status of an art form and this has helped open up the acceptance in cultures across the globe. Following the latest trends in tattooing is also a great way to seek ideas for your own skin. Internet can act as a great resource in this case.

A word of Precaution

The art of tattooing involves grafting color into your skin. In many a research, it has been proved that ink can cause skin cancer and lead to other complications. It is necessary that you understand all the safety measures before allowing an artist to puncture your skin.