Couple tattoos, yes we know the term might look too cloying and cliched at the first glance, but if you wear your heart on the sleeves and find yourself repeatedly swooned by Jerry Maguire’s ‘you complete me’, couple tattoo could actually be the perfect cube of sugar in your cup of tea. Without necessarily being too dramatic and overly sugary, we have today compiled a list of 10 couple tattoo designs that will help you select and decide yours.

1. String Cup Tattoo

string cup tattoo

This string cup tattoo is a sleek and quirky choice for a couple tattoo especially if you are looking for something engaging and fun. With the string cleverly forming the shape of the heart, the tattoo can be inked on the hand as well as ankles.

2. Birds Tattoo

birds tattoo

With birds symbolizing freedom, this birds motif tattoo can be one of the beautiful and elegant choices to have for a couples tattoo. Inked across the forearm, the birds flowing up in an unorganized arrangement will make the design appear more natural and free.

3. Mr & Mrs Tattoo

mr mrs tattoo

This Mr and Mrs tattoo is certainly ideal if you are planning to get hitched and looking for a way to ink the same. With simple bold calligraphy style, the tattoo is minimally impressive and pleasing.

4. Mickey and Minnie Tattoo

mickey and minnie tattoo


Just like everyone on this face of the earth, if you also watched cartoons while growing up, Mickey and Minnie would be a common name in your home. This cute Mickey and Minnie tattoo holds an evergreen charm that will always be close to your heart. Inked on the side of the palm, the characters appear to kiss when the hands are intertwined.

5. Wheel and Anchor Tattoo

wheel and anchor tattoo

Perfect and meaningful, this wheel and anchor tattoo with ‘guide me’ and ‘hold me’ written beneath each motif reflect the essence of a relationship that will never go out of date.

6. Connecting String Tattoo

connecting string tattoo

Adorable and pretty, this creative string tattoo features a connecting string on the shoulder that when put together appears as two hands holding the same string, with who actually pulling the string left unclear.

7. Sun and Moon Tattoo

sun and moon tattoo

-Sun and moon tattoo has been an evergreen favorite of the couples considering the two are the guiding symbols for the day and the night. If you are looking for something symbolic and special, we have given you the answer.

8. Infinity Tattoo

infinity tattoo1


Simple infinity tattoo can be an easy way to express your old and pure love. You can either be creative by adding a personal quote or keep things simple with a plain infinity sign.

9. Music Symbol Tattoo

music symbol tattoo


If you and your partner are two crazy music lovers, getting a personal symphony or symbol inked on your hand is the ideal choice for a couple tattoo.

Take inspiration from the above-listed designs and let your ink reflect the nature of your love and relationship.

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