If you are crazy for tattoos, then you can consider birds as they are not only beautiful but are also very symbolic. Among all the birds Owls are attached to many beliefs and myths. Owls are symbols of good luck and wisdom yet very stylish and elegant for both men and women. Owls are also considered to be a symbol of death, deity, freedom, vision, protection, secretiveness and transition depending on the culture reflected.

Owl Chest Tattoo For Women

black and blue colored owl tattoo for women


Colorful Owl Tattoo Design

colorful owl tattoo design for men


Temporary Owl Tattoo Idea

owl with flowers tattoo design


The Owl is no doubt a spiritual animal which discloses what is beyond the veil of deception and delusion. There are various types of Owls and similarly the tattoos have different meanings connected with it.

The Barn owl

The Barn owl has huge facial attributes and is a mark of mystery and exoticness.

Amazing Barn Owl Leg Tattoo Design

amazing barn owl thigh tattoo design


Barn Owl Arm Tattoo Design

barn owl arm tattoo


Ideally, these tattoos are useful, provided they are inked on the right place. They could be of any size and this reason makes owl tattoo favorable to be inked on either large or small surface on the body. However, if it is worn on a large surface it can make the final image look attractive and striking because it will have minute details done. These designs could be embossed on back, arm, chest, behind neck, wrist or on the hip.

The Snowy Owl

The snowy owl as the name depicts has perfect white feathers. It is a symbol of grace and dignity.

Snowy Owl Tattoo On Hand

snowy owl tattoo on hand

Open winged owl

This design reflects a deep sense of spiritualism.

Flying Owl with Heart Chest Tattoo

flying owl with a heart tattoo


Black and Gray Quirkly Owl Chest Tattoo

black and grey quirkly owl chest tattoo


Traditional Owl Tattoos

Traditional Owl Leg Tattoo Design

traditional owl leg tattoo design


Neo Traditional Owl Tattoo On Thigh

little neo traidtional owl tattoo on thigh


Traditional Owl and Gypsy Tattoo Design

traditional owl and gypsy tattoo design


Black inked Owl

Tribal Owl Back Tattoo For Girls

tribal owl back tattoo for girls


Cute Owl Tattoo

Baby Owl Tattoo On Hip

baby owl tattoo on hip


Funky Colored Owl Tattoo

funky colored owl tattoo art


Full Sleeve Owl Tattoo

big eyed owl sleeve tattoo


Arm Owl Design Tattoo For Men

arm owl design tattoo for men


Upper Back Owl On a Anchor Tattoo

upper back owl on a anchor tattoo


Owl Feather Tattoo Design

owl in a feather tattoo design


Colorful Owl Tattoo Design On Leg

simple owl tattoo design on leg


Creative Owl Tattoo Idea

creative designed owl and girl tattoo


Vintage Owl Tattoo Design

large owl hand tattoo art


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