Firefighters are heroes. They are trained, not just in fighting fire, but also in saving lives. Men and women in this profession should be acknowledged for their dedication to their job. Some are really proud of what they do that they chose to get firefighter tattoos.

There are several tattoo designs in this category like tribal, simple, feminine, and flashy or colorful. Other impressive designs for firefighter tattoos include special features like flags, skulls and crosses.

Small Firefighter Tattoo Designs

small firefighter tattoo designs


This small firefighter tattoo is designed with black fire helmet with fire features. The concept is simple, yet inspiring. This tattoo would look great on the shoulder, arm or leg.

Tribal Firefighter Tattoo Idea

tribal firefighter tattoo idea


An elaborate depiction of a Fire department logo dominates this tribal firefighter tattoo design. The American flag is used as a background, indicating the pride of serving this country. This is a nice tattoo to be done on the arm or the chest.

Firefighter Tattoo on Sleeve

firefighter tattoo on sleeve


This black and white tattoo on sleeve has a nice depiction of everything a firefighter should be proud of. The flag of the county he serves, ID number, the buildings representing the properties he saves and a skull to include some character into the design.

Flag with Firefighter Tattoo Design

flag with firefighter tattoo design


This is a symbolic firefighter tattoo design. A silhouette of a male firefighter over the American flag is an indication of the man’s dedication to serve his country. It is not a flashy design, but it is one that any firefighter should be proud to display.

Black and White Firefighter Tattoo

black and white firefighter tattoo


This elaborate image inked on a sleeve is a real inspiring piece of tattoo art. The representation of a firefighter looking at the fire scene and a fellow firefighter is a great depiction of how these men work together in saving lives.

Firefighter Skull Tattoo Design

firefighter skull tattoo design


A skull may be a representation of death, but it is often used as a feature for firefighter tattoos. For this specific tattoo, the skull takes center stage with two hatchet axes and fire images displayed in the background.

Colorful Firefighter Symbol Tattoo

colorful firefighter symbol tattoo


This colorful firefighter tattoo design depicts a firefighter in action. The fire in the background provides some dramatic aspect into the scene. This masterpiece is a truly inspiring work of art and any firefighter would surely be proud to have it inked on their skin.

Modern Firefighter Tattoo for Back

modern firefighter tattoo for back


Owl and Firefighter Tattoo Design

scary owl tattoo design


Burning Tattoo for Forearm

burning tattoo for forearm


Firefighter Red Tattoo Design

firefighter red tattoo design


Simple Firefighter Tattoo for Chest

simple firefighter tattoo for chest


There are many reasons why people decide to get inked. In most cases, the images they chose represent who they are or what they dream to be. Firefighter tattoo designs are very common for firefighters. These men and women who are considered heroes proudly display they dedication through this special form of art. By getting firefighter tattoos, they heroes are able to let the public know that they are trained to serve and willing to risk their lives.

Funny Firefighter Tattoo

funny firefighter tattoo


Snake with Firefighter Tattoo

snake with firefighter tattoo


Many tattoo designs are gaining popularity these days, firefighter tattoo designs among them. What makes these tattoo ideas really great is that they inspire people. They are designed to represent the dedication of these brave men and women in their chosen profession. Everybody knows that being a firefighter is putting your own life at risk. With the wide selection of firefighter tattoo designs, it is very easy for anyone to display their pride in serving their country and its people.

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