Tribal tattoos are popular designs that date back to over 5000 centuries. Each design is unique and in ancient times they were used by different warriors of various tribes. While they tend to use black ink, modern times make it easier to incorporate other colors that make the designs stand out further. These types of tattoos feature bold swirls, hooks and loop patterns. Whether black or colored tribal tattoo designs are stunning and look good on all genders. You may also see Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Tribal Heart Tattoo Design

Tribal Heart Tattoo Design Source

Tribal heart tattoo designs which are small in size are suitable for ladies. The heart is a powerful symbol of love and this tattoo is well designed on top of the foot.

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Design

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Design Source

This tribal design featuring a wolf is not only eye-catching but also signifies a noble warrior in the Native American culture. This tattoo shows a wolf howling and it represents good communication.

Tribal Lion Tattoo Design

Tribal Lion Tattoo Design Source

With symbolic meanings such as honor, ferocity, courage and royalty, this lion tribal tattoo design is interesting and looks fantastic. It features black and red ink which makes the chest of the wearer unique.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo Design

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo Design Source

This Hawaiian tattoo design gives an authentic feeling of the deep culture and heritage of this exotic island. It uses brown, black and gray ink colors and features more than five different patterns.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Design

Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Design Source

In most cultures, a turtle represents wisdom, longevity, good health and patience. Suitable for men, this tattoo features dark black shadings.

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design

Tribal Cross Tattoo Design Source

This tribal cross tattoo design is on the arm and will look good on both male and females. This crucifix mixes black and red color to make the design gorgeous.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Design Source

Dragons are creatures that are associated with unpredictable traits as well as good luck and power. This tribal tattoo design is bold, has thick black patterns and a red eye to show danger. You may also see Dragon Tattoo Designs

Tribal Chest Tattoo Design

Tribal Chest Tattoo Design Source

Men who need to enhance the beauty of their chest can do so by using good looking tribal tattoo designs. In this the individual has a deer tattooed up in a beautiful swirl pattern in tribal theme.

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Design

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Design Source

Celtic tribal tattoo designs tend to feature other colors rather than the traditional black ink. In this Celtic green and black design, the loops are interconnected to give an eternity meaning.

Tribal Arm Tattoo Design

Tribal Arm Tattoo Design Source

Most tribal tattoo designs are large hence tend to look good on a spacious body part such as the back and arms. This tribal design includes a date which makes it ideal as a memorial tattoo.

Tribal Scorpion Tattoo Design

Tribal Scorpion Tattoo Design Source

People tend to go for tribal scorpion tattoo design when they need to show that they can defend themselves against any attackers. Simple and small in size this design is unisex.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design Source

This tribal tattoo design runs high on the shoulder. It mixes red and gray ink colors as well as thick and thin lines to create a beautiful pattern that is suitable for men.

Small Tribal Tattoo Design

Small Tribal Tattoo Design Source

Women who are looking for a subtle body art can go for this small tribal tattoo design. It’s inked on the back using black ink only yet forms a design that is feminine.

Tribal Rose Tattoo Design

Tribal Rose Tattoo Design Source

While colored flowers tend to give a feminine trait, this tribal rose tattoo design will look good even on men. The red color on the petals further helps this tattoo to stand out.

Tribal Eagle Tattoo Design

Tribal Eagle Tattoo Design Source

Even though an eagle is a predator, this majestic bird is also a symbol of power and strength. The wings are stretched on this tribal tattoo design to show freedom and ready for change.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Design

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo Design Source

This full sleeve tribal tattoo design incorporates bold outlines and about seven different Polynesian patterns which blend harmoniously to form a gorgeous work of art.

Tribal Aries Tattoo Design

Tribal Aries Tattoo Design Source

Do you believe in astrology? Is Aries your zodiac sign? If the answer is yes, then this tribal Aries tattoo design will look good on you. The black ink color is perfect for all skin tones.

Tribal Sun Tattoo Design

Tribal Sun Tattoo Design Source

When it comes to choosing traditional Polynesian symbols, the sun is integrated into many tribal tattoo designs. The Chinese symbol helps to personalize this tribal sun tattoo design.

Tribal Wing Tattoo Design

Tribal Wing Tattoo Design Source

This tribal wing tattoo design is to honor and remember the life of a female loved one who has passed away. It features a pink ribbon and will look spectacular on girls and guys.

Aztec Tribal Tattoo Design

Aztec Tribal Tattoo Design Source

Aztec tribal tattoo designs are suitable for people who love expressing their personality in a creative way. This Aztec tattoo design combines unique patterns and bold shapes using black and gray ink.

Tribal Skull Tattoo Design

Tribal Skull Tattoo Design Source

When you need to express how you overcame a challenging life obstacle, then go for this tribal skull tattoo design. The swirl patterns and bold lines make the skull attractive yet spooky.

How Tribal Tattoos are Different?

Tribal tattoos get their designs from Polynesian, Maori, Hawaiian, Samoan and Aztec culture. You can differentiate tribal tattoos by their thick bold lines, different geometric shapes and also incorporate the sun, turtles, wild animals, dragonfly or mystical creatures such as the phoenix bird. Men tend to go for large animal tribal tattoo designs which are inked either on the back, shoulder, chest or sleeves. Women tend to prefer feminine tribal designs such as heart tribal tattoo design on the foot, back or on the arm.

Tribal tattoo designs are unique and feature interesting complex patterns. They mostly use black ink however individuals can also incorporate other colors to depict their passion and creativity. From using a cross, rose flower to Aztec patterns, tribal tattoo design can include any element to ensure that you look attractive.

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