The Pyramid holds a sacred meaning because of many ethics. A few of them being that the upright prism is supposed to be pointed at heaven, it also represents the element: fire, the three-dimensional form symbolizes the current world’s model where the highest prism part is considered as the highest status one can reach. Intrigued already? Check out our impressive collection to fuel the fire. And also click on our other similar and meaningful Tattoo designs like the Armband Designs and Minimalist Tattoo Designs for inspiration!

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo Design

egyptian pyramid tattoo design


This tattoo basically inks everything which symbolizes Egyptian gods. The unfilled waves covering the entire tattoo sort of holds everything together and serves as a gel.

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo Idea

aztec pyramid tattoo idea


Aztec Pyramids are surely the piece of art build by the Mayan(natives of Southern Mexico) nearly 3,000 years ago which mesmerizes everyone who visits Central America. You may also see Name Tattoo Designs

Eye In Pyramid tattoo

eye in pyramid tattoo


One more reason you should have a Pyramid tattoo is because it is one of those very few things which allow you to go three-dimensional even in a two-dimensional tattoo. If that is not a special enough reason for you, we have one more, this design. The half pyramid inside that cool clock and the other half on the outside is all you need to start a conversation with basically anyone.

Pyramid Tattoo on Wrist

pyramid tattoo on wrist


You can never regret a minimalist tattoo and especially something with lines like this one. You can choose any number of 3-D symbols depending upon what it stands for like the milestones in your life.

Clock Pyramid Tattoo Design

clock pyramid tattoo design


Clock Tattoo means freezing that important period in your life forever with you and it can also mean your surrounding and how it affects you. This particular tattoo is so cool and designed in the best way to hide the pyramid but still keeping it in the center. You may also see Key Tattoo Designs

Dot Work Pyramid Tattoo for Men

dot work pyramid tattoo for men


Illuminati Pyramid Tattoo on Palm

illuminati pyramid tattoo on palm


Broken Pyramid Tattoo Idea

broken pyramid tattoo idea


Unique Pyramid Leg Tattoo

unique pyramid leg tattoo


Simple Pyramid Tattoo Design

simple pyramid tattoo design


Beautiful Pyramid Tattoo on Leg

beautiful pyramid tattoo on leg


Realistic Pyramid Tattoo Idea

realistic pyramid tattoo idea


You are definitely going to look like a million dollar God with the pyramid tattoo like the Pyramid on the back of a seal of U.S Dollar bill which is incomplete with only 13 layers. And it is supposed to be controlled by the God. Also, don’t forget to share your tattoos with us.

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