Have you been scratching your head to come up with the best plan for designing your kid’s playroom? Well, like most parents, we would love to have a fun and functional space for our kids to grow up in. The color, the layout, the lighting, the décor and even the storage can have a strong impact on the personality of the kid. Plus, there are always safety and maintenance issues that depend on how you construct and design a room. We would like you to look at some of the best ideas for a kid’s playroom storage before you commit to a design. You may also see Kids Game Room Designs

Wooden Toy Box Idea

wooden toy box idea


A big wooden toy box can be an interesting and playful addition to the decor and functionality of your kid’s room. The example here perfectly shows how easy it would be to just throw in all the toys into a dedicated space and also use the stack to add a personality to the space.

Toy Storage Chest Idea

toy storage chest idea


Keeping a kid’s room clutter-free and safe, demands a bit of work and attention. However, toy storage chest can help you with the busy routine. You can also encourage the habit of your kid using the chest himself to keep the floor clean and free. You may also see Children Playroom Ideas

Kid’s Storage Bins

kids storage bins


Another interesting way to add storage to your kid’s room would be storage bins and trays. Preferably installed on one of the edges of the room, these bins will ensure that even you kid will learn the importance of keeping the floor clean and neat at all times. Apart from that, it would also be very easy to find a particular toy at any time!

Children Storage Units

children storage units


Every parent knows that it is the kid’s room that requires the maximum attention when it comes to storage issues. Well, you can always invest in extra storage units as your kid’s toy inventory grows!

Large Toy Box Storage

large toy box storage


Kids with their toys look so happy but kids with toys can also be a problem, especially if you are in the habit of giving too much! Well, the issues can be resolved by investing in a large toy box storage unit. Apart from the ease of maintenance, you can also encourage the good habit of keeping the room organized and clean.

Kid’s Toy Shelves Design

kids toy shelves design


If you have a larger room for your kid, it would be worthwhile to invest in extra cabinetry installations. As shown in this example, you can have one of the walls turned into a storage unit. This will also add to the personality of the room.

Toy Storage Furniture Design

toy storage furniture design


The design of toy storage should follow two basic things. Firstly, they should be a colorful addition to the décor and secondly, they should be easy to reach. Gradually, every parent wants kids to organize their own rooms. Adding a low cabinet to the design would be a good idea.

Children Bedroom Storage Idea

children bedroom storage idea


Depending on the amount of available space, a bedroom can be easily turned into a playroom, as long you have the option for enough storage around. From storage beds to wall cabinetry, anything can work fine.

White Toy Storage Chest

white toy storage chest

Design by : Jill Seidner Interior Design

A white chest for your kid’s toy storage adds a dynamic personality to any room. Well, this is valid as long as you have a lighter theme for your room. You may also see Kids Friendly Living Room Designs

Large Kid’s Playroom Storage Idea

large kids playroom storage idea


Kid’s Storage Shelves

kids storage shelves

Arlington Construction Mangement

Kid’s Playroom Decor Storage Idea

kids playroom decor storage idea


Kid’s Playroom Storage Shelves

kids playroom storage shelves


Traditional Kid’s Room Storage Box

traditional kids room storage box


Kid’s Room Storage Cabinet

kidsroom storage cabinet


Kid’s Playroom Wooden Toy Storage Idea

kids playroom wooden toy storage idea


Kid’s Playroom Storage Idea

kids playroom storage ideas

Design by : Lazzari USA - a brand of Foppapedretti

If you have a kid who loves to play with toys (they all do), it is important that you have playroom storage bins around. Do let us know if you have any unique ideas for the same!

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