Now, who doesn’t want their kid’s bedroom to be a unique space? However, investing too much on the decor can be a real inconvenience for most parents. Well, there’s an easy way out. Several parents are opting for mural designs to liven up their kid’s bedroom. Depending on the age, gender and interests of your kid, you can choose from a variety of murals. Further, they come in a range of colors, textures, shapes, sizes and themes. Some home décor brands even allow for customized orders. Let’s look at how murals have been transforming kid’s bedrooms across the world.

Children Wall Murals Idea

Every kid will love a rainbow and beautiful clouds floating through a blue sky in their room. As long as you kid is a toddler, this mural will be a highly relevant thing to put up on his/her walls! Well, it’s not just the design but a rainbow mural, in multiple colors will also help to brighten up the space. Make sure you use your best wall to create the most beautiful sky!

Nursery Wall Stickers

nursery wall stickers

Colors and cartoon have always been an effective way of teaching kids to know this world. These nursery stickers represent a lot of animals, as would be seen in their habitat. Kids will love to sleep to these faces!

Tree Wall Decals

tree wall decals

The most popular among wall decals are that of trees. You can choose among a variety of shapes, textures, and even colors. The choice of a tree decal should also be dependent on the availability of wall space. You can also see Office Wall Art Designs

Bedroom Wall Stickers

bedroom wall stickers

There are again a lot of illustrations to choose from. You even get to opt for all kinds of superhero characters to keep your kid-inspired and creative. Make sure that you get them in the relevant sizes and preplan the space. Using wall stickers strategically, you can also weave a complete story in your kid’s room!

Baby Girl Wall Decals

baby girl wall decals

If you have a baby girl at home, pink would be the theme to go for. Well, you can also have a lot of cute animals to take care of her! Just make sure that you make the experience colorful.

Nursery Wall Decals

nursery wall decals

There’s again a variety of wall decals, exclusive to the needs of nursery kids. Opt for beautiful sketches, colorful letters and things that your kids have an inclination for.

Kids Bedroom Wall Decals

kids bedroom wall decals


You can get highly creative with wall decals meant for a kid’s room. Whatever you do, make sure you put in a lot of colors and make it an amazing experience for your kid.

Universe Wall Mural Idea

universe wall mural idea

A unique decal to have in your kid’s bedroom is to have a real-life illustration of the solar system. It will not just be the most beautiful geography lesson but will also create a unique ambiance for your growing up boy/girl. If you have a particularly long wall in the room, this would be among the recommended choices for murals.

Boys Wall Stickers

boys wall stickers

As you did with a solar system, you can also have a world map on your kid’s bedroom wall. The example shows the exciting transformation this riot of colors can bring for a kid. Stuck over a white wall, this would be a highly relevant part of his childhood and learning.

Baby Girl Bedroom Wall Decals Idea

baby girl bedroom wall decals idea

Sea Style Kid Bedroom Wall Decal

sea style kid bedroom wall decal

Beach Style Kid Bed Wall Decal

beach style kid bed wall decal

Kids Bed Wall Decal with Moon Light

kids bed wall decal with moon light


Kids Bedroom Green Wall Decor Idea

kids bedroom green wall decor idea

Design by : Kerri Robusto Interiors

Traditional Kids Bed Wall Mural Design

traditional kids bed wall mural design

Wall murals come in all shapes and sizes. From large wall murals to small colorful butterfly wall stickers, you can always get a lot creative with them. Whatever you do, don’t forget to understand the likes and interests of your kids.

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