Every parent loves to customize their kids’ room to craft a paradise for them. Kids love colourful rooms which are filled with toys and activities all the time. These rooms, with youthful designs and finish, pampers the child with fantasies and have a close relation with the innermost areas of their hearts. Rooms for kids have vibrant paints, a lot of toys and imaginative themes. Scroll down for more than twenty cute Kids Room Designs that you can craft for your kid.

Small Kid’s Room Designs

Small rooms for kids look compact and well organised when you opt for the right storage furniture. You can choose open wooden shelves for toys, matching the colour with the bed. A rocking chair for kids can make the room tailored for the kid.

Small Kid’s Room Storage Idea

small kids room storage idea

Design by My Bespoke Room

Small Shared Kid’s Room Design

small shared kids room design

Design by Interior Design and Merchandising Solutions

Kid’s Room Interior Designs

Interior designs for kids’ rooms include wall colours and furniture. You can go for floral themes and cartoons, if your kids are inclined to them. Get colourful matching furniture and customise the deck designs. Vibrant colours like red and white combinations can look beautiful in these rooms.

Kid’s Study Room Interior Design

kids study room interior design

Photo by William Psolka

Colorful Kid’s Room Interior Idea

colorful kids room interior idea

Kerri Robusto Interior Design

Modern Kid’s Room Interior Design

modern kids room interior design

Design by Wright Building Company

Shared Kid’s Room Design Ideas

If you have more than one child, you can accommodate both of them in a single spacious room. Arrange the beds in opposite walls, parallel to each other. Choose bright colours like red and blue for the beds and wall decoration colours for each side.

Shared Kid’s Bedroom Design

shared kids bedroom design

Photo by Jay Davis

Rustic Shared Kid’s Room

rustic shared kids room

Design by Noble Classic Homes

Shared Kid’s Room with Bunk Beds

shared kids room with bunk beds


Kid’s Study Room Designs

When it comes to study rooms, you can create a favourable ambience for the kids by incorporating the right colour variations. White or yellow study tables and shelves add beauty to the rooms. Opt for open wall panels to place books and stationaries.

Kid’s Study Room Desk Design

kids study room desk design

Design by REFINED, LLC

Twin Kid’s Study Room Idea

twin kids study room idea

Design by Louie Leu Architect Inc

Kid’s Bedroom Designs

Bedrooms are generally tailored according to the taste of the kids. You can opt for themed curtains, mats, carpets and bed covers to create a good match for the room. Apart from these, you need to install thematically sound furniture and cabinets in the room.

Small Kid’s Bedroom Idea

small kids bedroom idea


Kid’s Bedroom Design for Girls

kids bedroom design for girls


Kid’s Bedroom Furniture

kids bedroom furniture


Modern Kid’s Room Designs

You can even incorporate suitable furniture in kids’ rooms to customise the bedroom for study purposes. If you have a shared room for kids, place the study table in between two beds. Place separate shelves and cabinets in the room for optimum compatibility.

Modern Kid’s Room Furniture Design

modern kids room furniture design

Denizen Design Interiors

Mid-Century Modern Kid’s Room

mid century modern kids room

Urbanism Designs

Modern Kid’s Room Curtains

modern kids room curtains


Kid’s Play Room Designs

Playrooms are vibrant and you need to make maximum use of colours in these rooms. Go for large open wall panels and decks in the room to place stuffed toys and gaming accessories. You can install other accessories like rocking boats and wooden horses to ride upon. You just need to make these rooms ideal for the kids.

Basement Kid’s Playroom

basement kids playroom

Design by Poss Architecture

Modern Kid’s Playroom Design

modern kids playroom design

Design by Chango & Co

Kid’s Playroom Flooring

kids playroom flooring

Eisner Design

Basement Kid’s Room Designs

If the kids’ room is in the basement of the house, a false ceiling with bright lights will definitely make it look bright and vibrant. With sophisticated yet colourful walls and floors, you can create the perfect room for your child to enjoy. Opt for wooden decks and large open shelves in these rooms.

Traditional Basement Kid’s Room Design

traditional basement kids room design

Photo by Richard Mandelkorn

Contemporary Basement Kid’s Room

contemporary basement kids room

Design by Gary Randolph Construction

Beach Style Basement Kid’s Room

beach style basement kids room

Photo by Tim Mooney

Kid’s Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms for kids comes with colour variations. While there are kid-friendly bathtubs and other accessories, you can also paint the walls in bright colours red and yellow. Buy matching towels with cartoon characters and fine mats for the floor.

Kid’s Bathroom Tiles Design

kids bathroom tiles design

SF Design Build

Small Kid’s Bathroom Design

small kids bathroom design


Kid’s Bathroom Lighting Idea

kids bathroom lighting idea

Design by REFINED, LLC

Colorful Kid’s Room Designs

Colours add spice to lifestyle and architecture, and if you have a kid, you just need to opt for bright and vibrant themes for the rooms. For instance, you can opt for different shades of pink, green, red and yellow for the furniture, walls and curtains. All these make the environment comfortable for the child.

Colorful Twin Kid’s Room Design

colorful twin kids room design


Colorful Kid’s Playroom Design

colorful kids playroom design


Kid’s Living Room Designs

Living rooms for kids are customised to fit their tastes. You can buy fashionable chairs, sofa sets and tables. Opt for plastic or fibre sitting accessories as they come with greater colour variations.

Kid’s Living Room Furniture

kids living room furniture


Kid’s Corner Living Room Idea

kids corner living room idea


Kid’s Room Wall Designs

You can either design the walls of your kid’s room with sceneries and fairies, or go for other themes like alphabets. The right interplay of alphabets and images deliver the ideal contrast. Cartoon-based wallpapers too, add a lot of variety to the room.

Modern Kid’s Room Wall Design

modern kids room wall design

Photo by Sue Murray

Sports Wall Decor for Kid’s Room

sports wall decor for kids room

Photo by Paul Kohlman

Traditional Kid’s Room Designs

Traditional kids’ rooms have cushioned beds and chairs. There is not much variation in the colour contrast and style, but the rooms are refined in heritage. There are portraits on the walls and bright wall colours are chosen for these rooms.

Traditional Small Kid’s Room Design

traditional small kids room design


Traditional Cottage Kid’s Room

traditional cottage kids room

Sheila Rich Interiors LLC

Traditional Kid’s Room for Girls

traditional kids room for girls

LS Interiors Group Inc

Eclectic Kid’s Room Designs

These rooms for kids display a wide variation in design, wall colours and themes. You may modify a wall to a large blackboard, install a tent for your child to sleep in or glorify the walls with images of fairies. Altogether, these are ideal for an average child.

Eclectic Kid’s Room Interior Design

eclectic kids room interior design

Kerri Robusto Interior Design

Eclectic Kid’s Bedroom Idea

eclectic kids bedroom idea

Photo by Chris Snook

Minecraft Kid’s Room Designs

These rooms display a perfect blend of sophistication and youthfulness. Go for wooden floors in these rooms, paint the walls and decks in contrasting shades of green or pink and install a matching study table. You can also go for other themes like blue or yellow.

Minecraft Kid’s Bedroom

minecraft kids bedroom

Robin Bond Interiors

Purple Kid’s Room Designs

Purple is an appealing colour, and you can paint the walls and cabinets purple to craft a beautiful room for your kid. There are popular themes like purple and green or purple and yellow for these rooms. Paint the ceiling in a lighter shade for perfect colour balance in the room.

Purple and White Kid’s Room Design

purple and white kids room design

ART Design Build Inc

Pink and Purple Kid’s Room

pink and purple kids room

Legacy Custom Built Homes

Kid’s Room Lighting Designs

Well-themed lighting patterns can make a room personalised for your child. You can install lights in the shape of stars in the ceiling and high walls to resemble a galaxy. A small chandelier can also deliver a bright interior to your room.

Kid’s Room Chandelier Lighting

kids room chandelier lighting

Photo by Tripp Smith

Kid’s Room Ceiling Lighting

kids room ceiling lighting

Design by Rittenhouse Builders

Kid’s Media Room Designs

Media rooms refer to the TV rooms for kids. You can also place the gaming consoles here. These Kids Room Designs offer a lot of storage space in the decks. You can install a cabinet-cum TV shelf for the room.

Contemporary Kid’s Media Room Design

contemporary kids media room design


Traditional Kid’s Media Room

traditional kids media room


Kid’s Craft Room Ideas

Kids with skills in craft need specialised rooms to grow their talents. These rooms are well-furnished to provide the kids with a solid platform to work on. The display features of the room are enriched with glass cabinets, walls with decks and high shelves.

Transitional Kid’s Craft Room Idea

transitional kids craft room idea


Kid’s Craft Room Furniture

kids craft room furniture


Kid’s Waiting Room Designs

Waiting rooms for kids in schools, art classes and other areas have small and colourful chairs, lined up along the walls. There are carpets with cartoon themes. The walls are painted in bright and beautiful colours to deliver the perfect attire to these rooms.

Colorful Kid’s Waiting Room Design

colorful kids waiting room design

April Hamilton Interior Designers

Kid’s Waiting Room Furniture

kids waiting room furniture


Kid’s Room Decorating Tips

  • You can incorporate stylish furniture with cartoon character themes in the room.
  • There should be a lot of toys, tailored to the taste of the kids.
  • Storage spaces must be extensive so that they can accommodate their toys and other accessories.
  • Colourful walls add vibrancy to the rooms.
  • You can create fairy and fantasy-based themes on the walls.
  • Go for floral themes, mickey mouse themes and buy matching cushions, bed covers and table clothes to strike the right match.

How are Kid’s Room Designs Important?

There are instances when parents ignore the psychological needs of kids and give no effort to customise their rooms. Well, this makes it difficult for the child to live up to their imaginations and fantasies. Childhood is the phase of life when kids imagine, ponder and love to associate themselves with tales they read and cartoons they watch. So, specifically themed rooms for kids add value to their mental faculties.

Kids display a somewhat mixed range of variation with their tastes and aptitudes. Kids of different ages have a special demand to suit their minds. Girls and boys have different traits and are variant in aptitudes. So, you need to start thinking about their requirements early and customise the rooms according to their preferences later on. Apart from the popular Kids Room Designs above, you can come up with your own ideas. You are free to share them with us.

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