Kids are always all about colors. From the time they open their eyes, they are attracted to colors first before anything else. They also love playing with colors as they grow older. When kids use colors, they do not care about matching or proper shading. They just put splashes of colors and they are happy.

When it comes to choosing colors for kids’ rooms, it is best to get some advice from the little ones. Or, you can use their favorite color as the main motif and then from there you can start adding up other colors that would somehow create a great overall look.

Kids Colorful Wall Art

kids colorful wall art

Colorful Nursery Letters Wall

colorful nursery letters wall

Design by : Anita Roll Murals

Colorful Kids Study Room

colorful kids study room

Try to avoid the black & white scheme for your kid’s room. Use bold and bright colors if you really want to go colorful. Pastels are OK, but you may have to add an item or two on bolder shades to provide contrast.

Kids Colorful Bedroom Design

kids colorful bedroom design

Girls Colorful Floral Bathroom Design

girls colorful floral bathroom design

Colorful Kids Bedroom Wall Mural

colorful kids bedroom wall mural

Traditional Kid Toy Room

traditional kid toy room

Vintage Colorful Kid Room Design

vintage colorful kid room design

Kids Colorful Playroom Wall Decor

kids playroom wall mural

Multi Color Wall Design

multi color wall design

Let’s say you want pastel green walls. The best match would be a lighter green shade on the ceiling and a bright contrasting flooring (try a carpet in red shade). Splash some purple and yellow into the scheme and you are good to go. You got colors and perfection.

Colorful Bedroom Wall Sticker

bedroom wall stickers

Nursery Colorful Wall Decal

nursery wall decals

Boys Bedroom Wall Art

boys bedroom wall art

Do not be afraid to play with colors. Pink and blue combination is OK, especially if you add dashes of reds and oranges here and there.

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