Planning to come up with the most adorable baby room? This could be the most exciting project for any parent. Whether it’s your first kid or the second, a baby room automatically gets a lot of affection which shows through the design. However, apart from trying to bring in cuteness, you also need to ensure that you create a space that is safe, functional, and facilitates a positive health for the growing baby. We have selected some of the most precious baby room designs from across the globe to give you a rough idea on how to go about it. Talk to your designer, suggest your ideas and get a space ready for the oncoming cuteness! You may also see Baby Boy Nursery Designs

Baby Nursery Idea

baby nursery idea

Starting with colors, they are among the basic design elements that a baby’s room should integrate. Go for bright choices like ocean blues, navy blues, red, orange, light greens and fluorescent colors. It is also necessary that you use only color and lighting to beef up the space and its décor. The minimalistic use of furniture should allow a safe movement all across.

Toddler Room Idea

toddler room idea

A bright blue theme and natural decals can be a perfect way to go about designing a room for a toddler. This would be the age where any kid would be picking up most of his personality cues. It is, therefore, necessary to provide him a bright, creative and productive environment. You may also see Lush Baby Room Furniture Designs

Baby Room Curtains Design

baby room curtains design

Design By Susan Sutherlin

Bright curtains in reds and blues can be a gorgeous addition to any baby room. If you have big windows in the space, go for full sized curtains that brighten up the overall appeal of the décor.

Baby Girl Nursery Theme

baby girl nursery theme

Baby girls love pink! Well, it could become the theme of your room design. Place pink against a lighter colored wall to create a smooth contrast and brighten up the space. The addition of pink decors and play items will always be complimentary.

Infant Room Decor Idea

infant room decor idea

Infancy is the time when we try to recognize and establish everything deep into our minds. Make the experience positive by using a lot of bright colors, creative decors, and other interesting additions. Your infant will love the combination. You may also see Colorful Kids Room Designs

Baby Nursery Accessories

baby nursery accessories

Design By Urban I.D. Interior

Apart from creating a bright and colorful space, it is important that you have a lot of functional additions and accessories in the nursery room. Things like hanging charms, a stack for story books, and a sofa for adults to sit by and watch are some of the things you should be investing in.

Baby Room Wall Decor

baby room wall decor

Babies indifferently like natural textures. You can use animal and plant decals to liven up the space and help the curiosity of your baby. The best thing is that you can choose from a variety of decals and even opt for a customized print.

Cute Baby Nursery Idea

cute baby nursery idea

“Light and bright” should be an ideal theme for creating a productive space for a baby. Make sure that every item in the room follows a single theme. Too contrasting addition can create corners of confusion and distress the baby.

Baby Bedroom Furniture

baby bedroom furniture

If your baby is ready to come out of the crib and sleep in a bed, make it the most colorful and exciting transition for him/her. Apart from choosing cute colors, ensure that the furniture is comfortable, safe and is easy to maintain. The bed shouldn’t be too high; there should be a fat cushioned carpet immediately on the side of the bed to ensure that it’s safe to keep the baby alone for a while.

Baby Boy Nursery Furniture

baby boy nursery furniture

Again, keep it creative, bright and generate a lot of curiosity. Naturally themed wall decals and accessories will be a great addition to the room. You may also see Little Girl Room Ideas

Baby Room Wall Mural Idea

baby room wall mural idea

Pink Baby Room Design

pink baby room design

Baby Girl Bedroom with Chandelier

baby girl bedroom with chandelier

Dotted Baby Room Wall Design

dotted baby room wall design

Floral Baby Room Wall Art

floral baby room wall art

Traditional Nursery Room Design

traditional nursery room design

We hope that you find some interesting cues from these baby room designs. If you already have something designed for your kid, do share it with the world here!

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