The décor of your kid’s room can have a lot of effect on his/her personality and the type of person he/she grows up to be. Consequently, parents have started putting in a lot of focus to the layout, décor, and overall ambience to be achieved in their kids’ room. When it comes to the choice of decors, here are some examples you should be taking cue from.

Kids Room Animal Wall Art Design

kids room animal wall art design

Kids and animals must have something in common – the innocence probably. Whatever be the reason, kid’s love animals and a decal would be a unique way to have his/her favorite creature on the room’s wall. In this example, the parents have opted for a cool giraffe and tree decal that takes up the whole wall space.

Kids Vinyl Wall Art

kids vinyl wall art

A kid’s room is supposed to be colorful and lively. As opposed to spending a lot in painting something onto the wall, decals are a cheap investment. In this case, the decals bring in the look of a painted sketch, something that any small kid will adore.

Kids Letters Wall Decal

kids letters wall decal

Design by : Anita Roll Murals

Learning is an essential part of growing up. Decorative letters can be a suitable choice of decals to help your kid go through the initial learning years. The letters don’t just create interest but make for a unique way to liven up the room.

Nursery Wall Decals

nursery wall decals

If you have a toddler at home, a colorful room would be the best way to keep him happy and creative. This example shows how decals have been used on the walls to define the space and create a connection between the imaginary and real.

Kids Room Large Wall Stickers

kids room large wall stickers

Color on the walls can do a lot of good to growing up kids. As shown in this particular example, the white décor theme is beautifully contrasted by the colorful world map and the blackboard. If your kid is homeschooled, this would be an amazing way to go about it.

Children Room Car Wall Art

children room car wall art


There is no dearth of innovative ways in which you can liven up the kid’s room. In this case, the parents have used car and road wall decals to add an element of creativity to the space. If your kid has a liking for something else, you may have it on the walls accordingly!

Alphabet Wall Art Design

alphabet wall art design

If your child is just beginning his schooling years, colorful alphabets on the wall can do a lot of good to the learning curve. They don’t just liven up the space but also make learning more interesting.

Sports Wall Art Decor

sports wall art decor

If your kid has a particular liking for some sport or a sportsperson, you can have a resembling decal on the rooms of his walls. The decal in this case doesn’t just support his/her interest for the game but also makes the space look livelier.

Diy Kids Room Wall Art

diy kids room wall art

If there is a painter within your, decorating your kid’s room can be an exciting opportunity. This is what most creative parents look forward to!

Kids Room Tree Wall Art

kids room tree wall art

A living room shouldn’t act a boundary to the outdoors. If you don’t want your kid to feel confined within his room, add a bit of creativity into the walls. A tree decal, as shown in this example, can be a good start!

Kids Bedroom Wall Decal

kids bedroom wall decal

Kids Room Black and White Wall Design

kids room with black wall white tree art idea

Flower Wall Kids Bedroom Decor

flower wall decor kids bedroom

Kids Room Chalkboard Wall Design

kids room wall design idea

Nursery Wall Decals Idea

nursery wall decals children room

Kids Bed Tree Wall Decal

tree wall decals

Kids Room Wall Art Stickers

kids room wall art stickers

Kids Room Monkey Tree Wallpaper

kids room monkey tree wall art

While these are some example of kids wallpaper you can use in his/her room, the options are endless. Pick up something that matches the personality, hobbies and passion of the kid and see him grow happy!

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