Are you among many parents across the globe who wants to provide the best environment to their kids while they grow up? Certainly so! Well, all it starts from the bedroom. Even studies show that the bedroom that kids grow up in have a lot of impact on the type of adults they become. Among the many things to be taken into consideration; the color, lighting and layout are the most important aspects of designing a kid’s bedroom. There should be ample space to move around, minimal furnishing to ease cleaning and maintenance and bright and lively ambiance. Here are some amazing ideas for green kid’s bedroom that parents across the globe have come up with.

Boys Bedroom Paint Ideas

boys bedroom paint ideas1

Young boys can be demanding and as responsible parents, you need to ensure that they have everything around to keep them happy energetic and focused. In this case, the parents have been able to use lighting and wallpaper to their advantage to create a bedroom that looks stunning, even for a teenager. The vibrant walls inspire creativity and the lighting is enough to create a unique environment.

Green Bedroom Furniture

green bedroom furniture

This example showcases an ideal environment for a growing up kid. Big windows ensure that a lot of sunlight and fresh air pours in to keep the room fresh and healthy. The interior walls are painted in subdued green and the bed covers match the sober theme.

Blue and Green Boys Bedroom

blue and green boys bedroom1

Bright, sunny and amazingly lively, it has is a beautiful combination of blue and green. While the big walls are painted in bright blue, every textile, including the carpet, flashes a grassy green to liven up the mood. Patches of white, account for the rest of the room but without interfering with the green-themed bedroom. You can also see Colorful Kids Room Designs

Pink and Green Kids Room

pink and green kids room

Pink and Green too can be a beautiful combination for a kid’s room, especially if you have young girls. Minimal furnishing in this room also ensures that there’s a lot of space to play.

Lime Green Kids Room

lime green kids bedroom

A combination of lime green and white too can be a bright setting for any kid, girl or boy. Further, unique lighting fixtures in this example show how to effectively illuminate the whole room and keep it interesting. You can also see Modern Kids Bedroom Designs

Green and Yellow Kids Bedroom

green and yellow kids bedroom

Perfect for very young kids, these parents have been able to establish fun, functionality and a lot of excitement into this room. This particular example could be a great idea if you have a rather small room for your kid.

Sage Green Bedroom Walls

sage green bedroom walls

Design by : Viscusi Elson

If your kids have passed the age group of being a toddler, this would be a great idea for brightening up their room. Highly creative and fun featured; this room has minimal furnishing to ensure that maximum space is kept free. The sage green theme for the room is especially helping to accentuate the premises here.

Emerald Green Bedroom Décor

emerald green bedroom decor

Another example of how to keep a big kid’s bedroom fun and functional, this emerald theme room is both creative and nourishing. While the green makes it look smooth and sober to the eyes, the arrangement of the furnishing and the décor makes thing interesting around.

Green Striped Kids Bedroom

green striped kids bedroom

If you have a very small bedroom space for your kids, the limitation can be worked upon by using striped paint along the length. The green and white stripes in this instance keep things smooth and the creative décor on the walls helps break the monotony.

Kids Bedroom Green Wall Texture

kids bedroom green wall texture

An overall green texture in your kid’s bedroom has been advised by interior design and psychology experts for fostering positive growth and creativity. Green is the color for productivity and meets the requirements perfectly.

Green Kids Bedroom with Chandelier

green kids bedroom with chandelier

Design by : Robeson Design

Green wall Kids Bedroom

green wall kids bedroom

Green Wall Kids Bunk Bed Idea

green wall kids bunk bed idea

Light Green Kids Bedroom Idea

light green kids bedroom idea

Green Wall Art Kids Bedroom Idea

green wall art kids bedroom idea

Design by : Kerri Robusto Interiors

Green Wall and White Kids Bed Design

green wall and white kids bed design

Green wall Decorative Kids Bed Idea

green wall descorative kids bed idea

Green wall Kids Bed with Color Carpet

green wall kids bed with color carpet

Outer View Kids Bed with Green Wall Decor

outer view kids bed with green wall decor

Design by : Sarah Greenman

Kids Bed with Light Green Wall Decor

kids bed with light green wall decor

Hope you have loved our compilation. If you have other ideas for a green children bedroom, do let us get a peek into it.

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