If you wish to achieve maximum flexibility in furnishing your bedroom, eclectic decor is certainly the answer to all your design queries. The multiple accents and furnishing pieces that you have acquired from numerous places can be stylishly accommodated with an eclectic decor. You can play around with the design of your bedroom and can easily let your most private space reflect your most personal style. Be enthusiastic. Be eclectic.

We have compiled a set of eclectic design ideas that will surely suit any style of the bedroom in any choice of house.

Eclectic Bedroom Design For Apartment

eclectic bedroom design for apartment2


Living in an apartment, you still have all the room for an eclectic decor. Don’t restrict your broad spaced design ideas just because you have a shortage of space. For an eclectic decor in bedroom, you can start by including bright colored sheets and a bulletin board pinned with your personal moments. If you feel you still have a missing element somewhere, try and color one wall in a deep shade and check out the instant difference. Who says, you cannot add the lawn stools in the bedroom, try and include small wicker or cane stools for a warm, vibrant and an eclectic look.

Vintage Eclectic Bedroom With Shelves

vintage eclectic bedroom with shelves


For a vintage eclectic decor try and include the wooden texture to your bedroom. An inbuilt wall unit gives you a lot of storage space for keeping your home decor pieces. If you don’t have a storage issue try and include big glass shelves in your room. Having a glass shelf gives you plenty of room to experiment with the decor, you can pair the shelves with colorful chairs for a look that is unique and vibrant.

Bedroom With White Paper Lanterns

bedroom with white paper lanterns


Paper lanterns are another way to make your bedrooms feel diverse. Paper lanterns are cost effective and are easily available in a variety of colors and shapes. If you wish you can also include a light bulb in the lanterns for a brighter effect. Paper lanterns can be the eco-friendly and subtle chandeliers for your bedroom.

Colorful Eclectic Master Bedroom

colorful eclectic master bedroom

Design By : Suzann Kletzien Design

If you want the colors to pop in the decor, try and include elements that add a bright contrast to each other. If you have a white sheet add colors with multicolored pillow covers. You can also ombre paint your room for a unique and personalized eclectic look. Try and include curtains that complement the look of your wall. You can experiment with the look further by adding a bright set of stools with a completely different color palette.

Red and White Bedroom Design Idea

red and white bedroom design idea


If you want a theme to your bedroom, red and white can be the striking colors to include in your space. Red brings in the required vibrancy whereas white add the breather space for the eye. If you decide on painting the walls of your bedroom with the theme, look for furniture that doesn’t disrupt the entire look. Be careful in including the decor elements, there is a fine line between being eclectic and gaudy. You should go for the former.

Beautiful Bedroom Interior Design

beautiful bedroom interior design


If you ask us, this eclectic bedroom look will be our personal favorite, subtle but charming. If you have a unique wooden headboard that you found in an antique shop and you have a personal sentiment attached to it, it is the time you include it in your bedroom. Make the look calming and beautiful by including plenty of cool colors from blue to whites to pale yellows. If you wish, you can include pastel shade curtains for completing the look that is everything from cozy to comforting to eclectic.

Eclectic Bedroom With Arm Chair

eclectic bedroom with arm chair


The arm chair can be another lovely addition to your bedroom. Add a complimenting carpet and a modest chest drawer for completing the look. You can even add an artwork to your space for accentuating the warmth of your bedroom.

Custom Bedroom With Chandelier

custom bedroom with chandelier


Go for the classic style, by adding a chandelier to the bedroom. Chandelier doesn’t always need to be too grand. You can go for a mellow toned wooden look with a lamp chandelier that will add the timeless spark to your bedroom. Add the drapes and the artwork based on the illuminating piece in the center of the room.

Blue and Red Eclectic Bedroom Idea

blue and red eclectic bedroom idea


Blue and red is another combination you can choose, while deciding on a colorful theme for your bedroom. If you plan on decorating your room with this theme, make sure to include complimenting and soothing drawers, sheets and drapes for balancing the entire look of your bedroom.

Unique Green Bedroom Design Picture

unique green bedroom design picture


If you want to go for the strikingly edgy look, this green bedroom can be the best inspiration. Paint the walls green and add a black contrast to all the decor and furnishing pieces in your bedroom. You can even add a geometric lamp for that extra oomph and style.

Vintage Bedroom with Rich Fabrics

vintage bedroom with rich fabrics

Stacey Costello Design

Modern Bedroom with Book Shelves

modern bedroom with book shelves


Geometric Wall Design Bedroom

geometric wall design bedroom


Retro Style Bedroom with Black Metal Bed

retro style bedroom with black metal bed


Unique Bedroom Decorating Idea

unique bedroom decorating idea

Park Grove Design

Cozy Bedroom with Bedside Tables

cozy bedroom with bedside tables

Kate Davidson Design Inc

Kids Bedroom with Accent Wall

kids bedroom with accent wall


Luxurious Master Bedroom Design

luxurious master bedroom design

DF Design Inc

Yellow and White Bedroom Idea

yellow and white bedroom idea


Gray Accent Wall Bedroom

gray accent wall bedroom


Elegant Kids Bedroom with Decorative Wall

elegant kids bedroom with decorative wall

Fun House Furniture & Design

Eclectic interior design for your bedroom is the best fit if you want to be the personal designer for your space. Let your imagination free and design the space with elements that run wide in several spheres.

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