Planning to add an element of luxury and sophistication to your bedroom? Why not make it big! Canopy beds are a good idea for homes that want to upscale their standard of living and bring in the rustic warmth of the old days. If you have been apprehensive, canopy beds aren’t just limited to big investments. Some amazing designs are available at comfortable prices in local stores. The only thing you need to worry about is matching the décor, functionality and the theme with your existing bedroom design. Here are some beautiful examples that we would like to share from across the globe.

Canopy Bed Frame

canopy bed frame

Bed frames aren’t a thing of the past. Several households still have them installed to bring in a warm look to the bedroom. As in this example, the sleek bed posts match the overall theme of the interior design and it could be something that you too can think about. Doesn’t cost much!

Outdoor Canopy Bed Idea

outdoor canopy bed idea

For those lucky enough to have a farmhouse, a canopy bed installed in the porch bedroom can look quite exquisite. This would be a perfect idea for a romantic weekend every once in a while and no one can deny the pleasure of it! Make sure you have a great view of the greens and blues, as shown in this picture! You can also see Transitional Bedroom Designs

Canopy Hammock Bed Design

canopy hammock bed design

If you have been looking for a small castle for yourself or your little prince and princesses, this will be a great idea for investment. It is easy to install and this design automatically transforms the bedroom into a magical space.

DIY Floating Canopy Bed

diy floating canopy bed

Now, this is how you can add two surprising elements to your bedroom! Firstly, the floating bed is itself is like riding on the magic carpet of Aladdin. Adding a canopy to the design will further highlight the effect of the ambiance. Make sure you light the room strategically to create magic!

Poolside Canopy Bed Idea

poolside canopy bed idea

This has been tried by luxury resorts and expensive hotels with a view. However, you can also have the same experience at your own private poolside! If you have a home in the lap of nature, this floating canopy bed over the water would be the most romantic scene ever!

Garden Canopy Bed Idea

garden canopy bed design

In the previous picture, we saw how you can wake up by the waters every morning. However, if the idea seemed risky, here’s another. A garden would be a safer platform to have you bed installed in. You can also see Teen Girls Bedroom Designs

Beach Style Canopy Bed

beach style canopy bed

Homeowners having a property overlooking a serene beach should definitely try this! The wooden theme in this example heightens the rustic appeal of the seat.

Romantic Canopy Bed Idea

romantic canopy bed idea

Canopy Beds were originally meant to spice up your bedtime! Sincerely romantic, they have an old world charm to it that nothing else can compete. With the right kind of décor around, your canopy bed could be the best thing in the whole household.

White Canopy Bed Tent

white canopy bed tent

Design by tuba yavuzer

This example perfectly states how an all-white theme can transform your bedroom space into a romantic escapade. Make sure you have minimal furnishing and décor installed to compliment the ‘pure’ theme.

Canopy Bunk Bed Design

canopy bunk bed design

Canopy beds are also ideal to have your kids bunk in. As in this example, the homeowner has created a charming ambiance using a light color theme. Also, notice how canopy beds here increase the functionality of the floor space.

Canopy Master Bedroom

canopy master bedroom

Canopy Sea Bedroom

canopy sea bedroom

Blue Canopy Bedroom Chandelier

blue chandelier canopy bedroom

Canopy Bedroom with Simple Decor

canopy bedroom with simple decor

Canopy Bed with Rugs Design

canopy bed with best rugs design

Romantic Canopy Bedroom Idea

romantic bedroom with best design

Blue Wall Canopy Bedroom

colourful decor bedroom

Traditional Canopy Bedroom Wall Arts

traditional bedroom style with unique wall arts


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