If you think platform style beds can only be accommodated in contemporary interiors, we suggest you stick and read the post further. Although we accept and agree that not everyone likes to crawl out of the extremely low height bed that sometimes feel like sleeping on the floor, the addition of a number of new styles will make you think otherwise. We have today compiled a list of 10 platform style beds that will suit well with any type of decor and help find you ‘the one’ that offers a high profile design.

1. Canopy Style Platform Bed


The canopy style platform bed boasts a heavy base which falls contradictory to the clean, contemporary lines that encircle and drape the soft and colorful fabric. The bed with its mix of style lends a romantic feel to the home.

2. Traditional Platform Style Bed

The traditional style of the upholstered headboard is beautifully paired with the complete cushioned frame. Moving away from the light and airy, the bed carries a large and substantial feel with the frame that extends all the way to the floor.

3. Modern Style Platform Bed


This light and simple platform bed carries a modern frame with the attached lights on the corner of the headboard that can be folded down to aim the light towards the reading material.

4. Unique Platform Bed


This unique style platform bed features floor-to-ceiling turned-wood corner posts. With a wooden accent, the bed will best complement a rustic or cottage style interiors.

5. Floating Platform Bed


This is another trendy option for a platform style bed that appears to be floating in the space. With a more grounded design, the bed can be matched well with decorative accents and side table.

6. Minimalist Floating Platform Bed


Platform beds can also have the effect of floating in the space. This floating bed is attached to the head of the wall and is supported by a leg in the middle. The bed is best adapted for minimally styled interiors.

7. Wide Style Platform Bed


This wide style dark chocolate platform bed carries a block base. The bed is supported with a slightly narrow mattress that lets the edges peek through all the three sides. Matched with blue bedding and white walls, the look comes out soothing and subtle.

8. Kids Style Platform Bed


It is not just the grown-ups who can enjoy a platform bed, the small spaces like kid’s room can also benefit from a platform bed. The open space under the bed allows it from visually filling up the room.

9. Floating Style Platform Bed


Curved headboard creates the effect of enclosed and private space and the minimal leg support helps to keep the look minimal and classy.

10. Small Wooden Platform Bed


The concrete walls of the room are beautifully matched with floating style platform bed that carries an attached floating side table. With the right contrast and connective visual link, the bed offers an edgy touch to the room.

Pick the design that best adjusts with the interior decor of your space and brings a much needed modern platform upgrade to your bedroom.

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