Attics are usually the most alluring rooms in a house, especially for children. It gives one a secluded space for hobbies or chilling out, giving it a quaintly warm atmosphere. Just because it is not a regular room, it does not mean attics cannot be well-designed and equipped. Depending on how often you use your attic, you can design and furnish it for maximum comfort. The main challenge is designing odd spaces for optimal space utilization.

Designed Attic Media Room

designed attic media room design

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

Decorated Cozy Attic Reading Nook Model

decorated cozy attic reading nook model

Photo By: Eric Striffler

White Transitional Attic Bedroom Picture

white transitional attic bedroom picture

If the attic is your lone sanctuary, you can design it just as you wish. Attics are often located below sloping roofs, which means the attic has sloping walls and a window. If you want a more refined touch, drape the window with curtains. You may be able to accommodate a small bed beneath one slope, or only a mattress. But that does not mean that you cannot have proper bed sheets and covered cushions.

Remodeled Attic Gym Idea

remodeled attic gym idea

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

White Nautical Attic Bedroom Form

white nautical attic bedroom form

Blue and Orange Attic Bedroom Design

blue and orange attic bedroom design

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Attic Master Suite Pattern

attic master suite pattern

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

Decorated Daybed in Coastal Attic Bedroom

decorated daybed in coastal attic bedroom

Barry Dixon Interiors

You could tie up a hammock, complete with mattress, bed sheets, blanket and pillow. If you have more space, you could compartmentalize the attic for different uses. You could furnish a small sofa set with its own television set ands a fabricated firebox. You could even be able to install a small toilet or make a kitchenette. If you read in the attic, install a stylish bookshelf and stock it with your favorite publications.

Attic Home Gym Model

attic home gym model

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

White Modern Attic Space Idea

white modern attic space idea

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Rustic Attic Bedroom plan

rustic attic bedroom plan

Photo By: Eric Striffler

Grace Attic Home Office Form

grace attic home office form

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Attic Transformed Into Tropical Bedroom Design

attic transformed into tropical bedroom design

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Modern Attic Bedroom With Platform Bed

modern attic bedroom with platform bed

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

Unique and Functional Attic Work Space Picture

unique and functional attic work space picture

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

Remodeled Attic With Colorful Felt Wall

remodeled attic with colorful felt wall

White Cottage Bedroom in the Attic

white cottage bedroom in the attic

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Beautiful White Nautical Attic Bedroom Form

beautiful white nautical attic bedroom form

Photo By: Kady Dunlap

Attic Boys Bedroom and Play Area Design

attic boys bedroom and play area design

White Shabby Chic Attic Loft with White Brick Wall

white shabby chic attic loft with white brick wall

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Colorful Fun Attic Media Room Picture

colorful fun attic media room picture

Kid’s Bedroom Attic Design

kids bedroom attic design

Modern Home Theater in Attic Design

modern home theater in attic design

Transitional Bedroom in Attic Idea

transitional bedroom in attic idea

Attics can be great for home offices. In that case the dominant piece of furniture would be the work station in a reasonable sized attic. You would also need a filing cabinet and a mini refrigerator. Place a side table and use it to park your cup, glass or beer bottle. All attics can be painted or wall-papered in a way that does not only make them livable, but aesthetic as well. There is no reason why an attic cannot be designed like any other room.

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