While designing a house, staircase plays a major role in defining the look and comfort of your house. Designing your loft or open space requires a dash of creativity. With some adornments and decorations, you can create a whole new masterpiece. There are several kinds of lofts ranging from cozy attic loft spaces to all kinds of unique loft staircase designs. Scroll down to view a list of loft staircase designs which we have carefully selected for you.

Space Saving Loft Staircase

space saving loft staircase

Design by : Maxwell & Company Architects

This is one hell of a space saver loft staircase design. It has a contemporary basement staircase design featuring steep stairs with glass railings. It also features connectors that are made out of stainless steel.

Wooden Loft Staircase Idea

wooden loft staircase idea


This is a wooden loft staircase design which has a side ladder and has desks below the steps of the staircase. It is a modern design idea for staircases. The desk on the side can be used for office purposes. You can also see Mansion Staircase Designs

Glass Loft Staircase

glass loft staircase


This luxurious glass loft staircase has a spiral design which looks very elegant and is ideal for homes with a mix of modern and ancient. It comes with a lovely turquoise color scheme. This house features a lavish indoor pool which is at a close distance from the staircase.

Loft Spiral Staircase Design

loft spiral staircase design


This amazing rustic living room features spiral stairs with a minimal curve and is made out of hardwood in a dark color. This one is an open staircase that connects to the upper portion of the living room. The room has been designed in a cottage style.

Rustic Loft Staircase

rustic loft staircase


This is another rustic finished room featuring a classic steel spiral staircase. The recessed lighting of the room with the wooden ceilings adds a lot of warmth to the rustic-themed room. Moreover, the staircase does not occupy too much of space in the room.

Retracting Loft Staircase

retracting loft staircase


This is a modern loft staircase that is built with bookshelves in the corner. No doubt, a staircase is a great platform to utilize the space and create a neat and clean designed book space. This staircase allows for plenty of storage space that normally goes unnoticed.

Narrow Loft Staircase Idea

narrow loft staircase idea


This is another modern staircase whose steps are made out of wooden with metal stringers. The sides of the staircase are made of stainless steel and to complement that is the hardwood flooring. You can also see Staircase Designs For Small Spaces

Simple Loft Ladder Staircase

simple loft ladder staircase


This is a simple loft ladder staircase simply put up inside the bedroom. The ladder is painted in dark brown and beige and connects to the upper portion of the room. This design is modular and flexible, which is perfectly suitable for this contemporary bedroom.

Compact Loft Staircase

compact loft staircase


This is yet another contemporary designed loft staircase which is compact and cozy, not taking up too much of space. The room features a brown sofa and all other living room essentials. The staircase design is ideal for a modern minimalist home.

Rustic Loft Staircase Storage Idea

rustic loft staircase storage idea


This is another rustic staircase with a storage utility space. The staircase allows for a storage space which can be used as a cozy attic to put together all the unused stuff. The whites and beiges added in this rustic room add a touch of brightness.

Small Loft Ladder Staircase

small loft ladder staircase


Small Kidsroom Loft Staircase Idea

small kidsroom loft staircase idea


Colorful Loft Staircase Idea

colorful loft staircase idea


Hardwood Loft Staircase Design

hardwood loft staircase design


Modern Loft Spiral Staircase

modern loft spiral staircase


Loft Gray Staircase Design

loft gray staircase design

Design by Martin Klimek

Loft Staircase Design

loft staircase design


Traditional Loft Staircase Design

traditional loft staircase design


Loft staircase designs can be incorporated with a bit of a personal touch and design. Compact staircases not only serve the purpose of connectivity but can also be used for storage.

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