Did you know that even staircases can be architectural highlights of your property? Well, advanced engineering and modern materials ensure that we have a lot of options when it comes to designing a staircase. From spiral staircases to floating and glass steps, it’s an area of home designing that can completely transform the looks of your property. If you are planning to build a new home or commercial property, the examples below should encourage you enough to give more focus to the design of your staircase.

Modern Glass Staircase Design

modern glass staircase design


Staircases made out of glass can really encourage people to take the stairs more than the lift! While they are possible in a big commercial property, several homes also integrate glass designs for their staircases, for several advantages. Apart from creating intrigue and interests, they keep the décor to the minimal and add to the illusion of spaciousness.

Modern Spiral Staircase Idea

modern spiral staircase idea


In the bygone decades of architectural finesses, we had a spiral concrete staircase that looked nothing less than a twitching maze. Well, today, you can have the same architectural creativity but with a modern touch. In this case, the staircase comes with customized glass boundaries and an interesting lighting.

Modern Steel Staircase

modern steel staircase

Design by : Habitat Studio

Showcasing the popular staircases one would see in most modern offices, the advantage here is that the access can be addressed by using a very small space. You have just enough area to carry yourself forward or downwards. This would thus be a staircase the compliments a lift in the premises.

Modern Open Staircase

modern open staircase


Also called floating staircases, the design scheme here is rather open. As opposed to traditionally designed staircases, you would find this to be a more space taking alternative. This would be a perfect idea if you have big rooms.

Residential Modern Staircase Design

residential modern staircase design


Perfectly fitted into the home architecture, the staircase again comes in the form of floating steps here. While it creates an interesting way to get access to higher floors, the staircase also makes the overall ambiance look richer.

Elegant Modern Staircase

elegant modern staircase


Placed in the middle of the room, this staircase design also created a high degree of intrigue. It is further complimented by an interesting color scheme and additional decor elements that combine to tell a different story with the space.

Modern Staircase Railing Design

modern staircase railing design

Design by:FINNE Architects

Glass, steel and aluminum wires combine to form an interesting combination of material to create an interesting railing for your staircase. While it looks plain and simple on the first look, a closer gaze will definitely make you wonder about the mystery!

Modern Staircase Wall Design

modern staircase wall design


You might have seen these in metro stations and big offices, but this could very well be the design of your next staircase. The wall design in yellow (here) gives a sense of direction and can be a functional addition to the space.

Modern Wooden Staircase Idea

modern wooden staircase idea


The wooden staircase again takes the form of floating steps and adds an element of intrigue to the design. Looks simple, this scheme also matches the modern décor with wood laminates for the floor and an overall minimalistic décor.

Modern Wood Spiral Staircase Design

modern wood spiral staircase design


Placed in the middle of the room, this staircase looks very luxurious. This would be an ideal theme to follow if every floor in your property brings our new surprises in the form of theme and views. The artsy frame for this staircase can immediately intrigue any visitor.

Colorful Modern Staircase Design

colorful modern staircase design


Modern Style Staircase Idea

modern style staircase idea

Design by : iDA Workplace+Strategy

Modern Stair Wall Decor Idea

modern stair wall decor idea


Modern Staircase Design

modern staircase design


Modern Wood Wall & Stair Idea

modern wood wall stair idea


Modern Glass Floating Staircase Design

modern glass floating staircase design


Modern Staircase Lighting Idea

modern staircase lighting idea


Black Modern Staircase Lighting Idea

black modern staircase lighting idea


While staircases are being vehemently replaced by lift access, architectural uniqueness is perhaps the only way we can encourage people to go back to our old habits against comfort. From outdoor stairs to personal ones, design can be a big thing when it comes to looks, functionality, and overall charm.

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