Back then, when our parents design the porch, they simply fill it with potted plants with overflowing leaves. They always go for that abundantly sweet look and the design itself makes us miss our little conversation with our folks in the weekend. Some people find it too old-fashioned while some prefer to still design their porch just like that. After all, it still gives us that relaxed feeling, but not everyone is fond of it. You may also see Front Porch Designs

Contemporary Porch with Wicker Furniture

contemporary porch with wicker furniture

Contemporary Front Porch Design

contemporary front porch design

Modern Contemporary Porch Design

modern contemporary porch design1

Sage Outdoor Designs

I have a good news to those who aren’t fans of that abundantly sweet look for their porch and those who loves geometric patterns, though. Your time to shine as you design the porch has come! The modern world is all about simplicity and elegance and there’s nothing else that screams elegance more than geometric patterns. You may also see Cottage Porch Designs

Contemporary Porch with Fireplace

contemporary porch with fireplace

Bulhon Design Associates

Contemporary Porch Chandelier Design

contemporary porch chandelier design

Contemporary Porch Furniture Design

contemporary porch furniture design

Design by New Urban Home Builders

Contemporary Porch Wall Design

contemporary porch wall design

Heather Garrett Design

Contemporary Porch Roof Design

contemporary porch roof design

Contemporary Wood Porch Design

contemporary wood porch design

Contemporary Porch Ceiling Idea

contemporary porch ceiling idea

Ultra modern Contemporary Porch

ultra modern contemporary porch

Simple Contemporary Porch Design

simple contemporary porch design

Photo by Terry Iverson

Large Contemporary Porch Design

large contemporary porch design

Contemporary Porch Railing Design

contemporary porch railing design

Design by Front Door Communities

Contemporary Back Porch Design

contemporary back porch design

Contemporary Porch with Wooden Furniture

contemporary porch with wooden furniture

Contemporary Entrance Porch Design

contemporary entrance porch design

You’re free to play with contrasting colors like soft black and red or gray and white. If you love geometric patterns, then go ahead and incorporate it. One good thing that can soften and add a natural look to your porch are potted plants that follow your geometrical pattern. Say, for example, your walls have that vertical patterns all over it, you can soften that a little by adding plants with leaves or flowers that have blunt ends. To those who love curves, circles, and dots, you can simply add plants with long and slender leaves. You can also add some accent to the neutral colors to enjoy an elegant and relaxing porch. You may also see Back Porch Designs

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