A fireplace is able to add warmth and interest in a space. Fireplace designs come in various layouts giving multiple choices for every space. You can set them in every room while certain designs can make your space look stunning, just like corner designs. From basement to outdoor spaces you will find everything you need in the following collection. We are presenting you with a collection of corner fireplace designs to help you choose one.

Small Corner Fireplace Design

If your space is small but still want to give it a warm and inviting style then you can find many remarkable small corner fireplaces. These designs can be permanent or portable depending on your space giving you versatile use.

Small Bedroom Corner Fireplace

small bedroom corner fireplace


Small Modern Corner Fireplace

small modern corner fireplace


Built-In Corner Fireplace Design

A built in design will help you give a stunning look in your space. You can have it decorated in many ways while the available materials will give you a stunning design, going from stone to marble with incredible results.

Living Room Built-In Corner Fireplace

living room built in corner fireplace


Traditional Built-In Corner Fireplace

traditional built in corner fireplace


Modern Corner Fireplace Design

You can give a modern look to your fireplace by incorporating sleek and polished materials. In this, you will be helped a lot by stone slates in minimalistic design as well as marbles that will add luxury and ample elegance. You may also see Modern Fireplace Designs

Modern Bedroom Corner Fireplace

modern bedroom corner fireplace


Modern Built-In Corner Fireplace

modern built in corner fireplace


Brick Corner Fireplace Design

Brick comes in various colors. Depending on each color you can find the right match for your space. These corner fireplaces add a rustic design that is often used in mix with other styles like modern or contemporary for elegance.

Brick Corner Fireplace for Living Room

brick corner fireplace for living room


Brick Corner Fireplace for Porch

brick corner fireplace for porch


Outdoor Corner Fireplace Design

Each material will give you a different look. You can go for a stone fireplace to add a classic traditional look or you can choose a stunning piece made of concrete to give you a contemporary design that will amaze. You may also see Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Outdoor Stone Corner Fireplace

outdoor stone corner fireplace


Outdoor Patio Corner Fireplace Design

outdoor patio corner fireplace design


Basement Corner Fireplace Design

If you are remodeling your basement then make sure to install a corner fireplace. The space is enough to help you create something extraordinary while fireplace mantels can give you a stunning addition to every design you might end choosing.

Basement Corner Stone Fireplace

basement corner stone fireplace


Corner Gas Fireplace

A corner gas fireplace can be chosen according to the rest of the furnishing or flooring. You can go for stunning designs that will give you a matching look to your space or you can make a focal point. You may also see Bedroom Fireplace Designs

Simple Corner Gas Fireplace

simple corner gas fireplace


Corner Stone Fireplace Idea

Stone fireplace comes in many designs. The variety in stone materials gives you many different choices regarding color, qualities, and shape. You can go for any design that appeals to your senses as well as your space’s style and character. You may also see Stone Fireplace Designs

Corner Stacked Stone Fireplace Design

corner stacked stone fireplace design


Round Corner Fireplace

The round shape of the corner fireplace adds a soft look to any room you choose to install it, The materials are in no way restricting you while you can always choose a matching mantel to help elevate the look.

Round Corner Fireplace for Bedroom

round corner fireplace for bedroom


Rustic Corner Fireplace Design

If you want to add a design that will bring a strong rustic look in your space then you should go for a corner fireplace. The materials used in rustic designs range in all stone forms that give natural look.

Rustic Stone Corner Fireplace

rustic stone corner fireplace


You can dress up your fireplace with various materials in order to give a visual interest in your space. You can go for many designs depending on the style you want to give to your space. For a modern look, you can go for minimalistic designs like an open corner fireplace. For a more classic look, you can go for materials like stone, wood, marble and bricks that will make the space look elegant and fashionable.

Create a cozy spot in any area that you need it. You will find these designs for indoor and outdoor fireplace giving you a great variety of designs to choose from. In any case, we hope that our collection managed to give you useful information into helping with your own fireplace.

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