A fireplace is a functional home feature that also acts as a focal point in a living space. Among the many types of fireplaces, stone fireplaces are the most sought after. Stone fireplace designs offer the classic fireplace setup look and the traditional warm country feel. There are different stone fireplace designs like stacked stone, rustic or outdoor fireplace design. They can be trendy and stylish, classy and elegant or cozy and simple. The following are some of the most common stone fireplace designs.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplaces with neatly stacked stones offer that classic and simple look. The overall appeal of this fireplace design depends on how the stones are staked. If you want the rustic look, you can have the stone stacked randomly. The modern look is more on the neatly stacked side.

Stacked Stone Living Room Fireplace

stacked stone living room fireplace


Stacked Stone Corner Fireplace

stacked stone corner fireplace


Outdoor Stone Fireplace Design

Having a fireplace outdoors is like having the perfect barbeque entertaining area. Stone fireplaces actually look more natural when they are installed outdoors as they provide a nice kind of comfort and coziness to the space. You may also see Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Rustic Outdoor Stone Fireplace

rustic outdoor stone fireplace


Outdoor Stone Wall Fireplace

outdoor stone wall fireplace


Corner Stone Fireplace Design

Designs for corner stone fireplaces are more popular today than ever because they do not just provide the much needed warmth during the cold winter season, they also make use of usually ignored corner space. You may also see Corner Fireplace Designs

Corner Stone Bedroom Fireplace

corner bedroom stone fireplace


Corner Stone Living Room Fireplace

corner stone living room fireplace


Contemporary Stone Fireplace Design

The contemporary look of a fireplace usually depends on the materials used. Stone is the most commonly used material and they can be arranged in different styles like neatly stacked or the more popular twisting stone design that has the contemporary look and feel.

Simple Contemporary Stone Fireplace

simple contemporary stone fireplace


Contemporary Stacked Stone Fireplace

contemporary stacked stone fireplace


Modern Stone Fireplace Design

To match a modern interior, it is best to have a modern fireplace. This is where polished stone arrangement comes in. The idea is to create a fireplace that would match the clean lines and minimalistic feel of a modern designed space. You may also see Modern Fireplace Designs

Modern Grey Stone Fireplace

modern grey stone fireplace


Modern Stone Fireplace with TV

modern stone fireplace with tv


Cultured Stone Fireplace Design

Cultured stones provide the same rustic and rugged look of natural stones. They can also lend a refined look if you prefer to be on the neat side. There is a wide range of cultured stones available and they vary in textures, shapes, sizes, styles, types and colors.

Cultured Stone Outdoor Fireplace

cultured stone outdoor fireplace


Cultured Stone Patio Fireplace

cultured stone patio fireplace

Design by Dana Nichols

Stone and Brick Fireplace Idea

The combination of stone and brick in a fireplace design can be lethal if done in the right way. One of the most common design for this category is having the stones built like the fireplace walling and the bricks stacked in archway style.

Traditional Stone and Brick Fireplace

traditional stone and brick fireplace

Photo by Roy Campana

Outdoor Stone and Brick Fireplace

outdoor stone and brick fireplace


Backyard Stone Fireplace

Backyard stone fireplaces lend a nice and cozy feel into a garden landscape. This is the best option if you and your family like to entertain with the beauty of nature as the backdrop. You may also see Bedroom Fireplace Designs

Backyard Round Stone Fireplace

backyard round stone fireplace


Traditional Backyard Stone Fireplace

traditional backyard stone fireplace


Rustic Stone Fireplace

Randomly arranged stones can provide the best stone fireplace design. This is a common choice for homes with rustic or traditional interior. The natural beauty of the stone with it unpolished look is what makes the fireplace stand out.

Rustic Bedroom Stone Fireplace

rustic bedroom stone fireplace

Bess Jones Interiors

Rustic Stacked Stone Fireplace

rustic stacked stone fireplace


DIY Stone Fireplace Design

Designing your own fireplace is an easy task if you are going to use natural stone. The materials are easily available and there is an abundance in stone types. The best thing that you can do is to choose the stones first and then come up with a plan on how to stack them up.

DIY Outdoor Stone Fireplace

diy outdoor stone fireplace


Stone fireplaces offer warmth during the cold winter season. But they can also lend the space a great aesthetic appeal depending on your preference. You can go rustic and just choose the randomly stacked stone design. You can also go for the neat and polished stone fireplace design if you want a simple and modern fireplace. On the other hand, you can save space with corner fireplace design.

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