The fireplace is that part in your home which builds an ambiance and gives warmth to all. A fireplace can be designed and maintained effortlessly, irrespective of where it is placed. Living room fireplace is the most common yet some people own a dining room fireplace as well. Even if your fireplace is cornered at one end, you can still make the best out of it. Here are some corner fireplace ideas to brighten up and warm up your beautiful home:

Basement Corner Fireplace Idea

basement corner fireplace idea

If your living room fireplace is at the corner of your room then you can use this idea to set up your other accessories accordingly. Putting up your television set beside the fireplace will give space for your sofa set to face both the T.V. set as well as the fireplace.

Small Corner Fireplace Design

small corner fireplace design

This small fireplace at the corner of the bedroom is the coziest thing you’ll see today. If your fireplace is placed like this then this design is best suited for you. Use net curtains and you should make the bedding of light color and overall it will look quite elegant.

Rustic Corner Fireplace

rustic corner fireplace

Design by Bess Jones Interiors

A fireplace layered with blocks of stone is a vintage look. Such fireplaces will compliment a place that is designed wholly in a country way. The furniture used should be of vintage designs and so should be the décor items. You can also see Living Room Idea with Fireplace

Modern Corner Fireplace

modern corner fireplace

If you are tired of all those traditional fireplace designs then this modern fireplace design is the one you are looking for. The fireplace can use gas instead of woods which will be easy to maintain. The burning is lined up with gravels to set the mood right.

Corner Electric Fireplace

corner electric fireplace

An electric fireplace is the best option for those nature lovers who don’t want to burn woods and charcoal. Layer it up with granite that goes in contrast with the wall color. This way your fireplace will catch the attention easily.

White Corner Fireplace

white corner fireplace

A fan of white will die for this design! When everything around in the room is white as milk then the fire burning inside will be a contrasting feature that will look extravagantly marvelous. Put up some décor near the fireplace and show off the jewel you own.

Stone Corner Fireplace

stone corner fireplace

Stones are the most favorable constituent for a fireplace. It looks rustic yet elegant. You can design such corner fireplace with stoning the wall above the fireplace with round gravels. Use different shades of gravels to make a pattern.

Brick Corner Fireplace Design Idea

brick corner fireplace design idea

Bricks make the best of a vintage fireplace. The furniture should be placed in such a fashion that the center is facing the fireplace. Such fireplaces are quite flexible with the décor. Any kind of décor will be complemented by brick fireplaces. Paint the brick in different shades such that the burning fire will light up the fireplace is a contrasting way.

Open Corner Fireplace Design

open corner fireplace design

This is a classic design for fireplaces at open corners. You can use a small mantle piece for the fireplace and line the place up with granite that contrasts the overall look of the room. Use the opposite corner for setting up a low-lying couch.

Outdoor Corner Fireplace

outdoor corner fireplace

To spend a classic night out, this outdoor fireplace placed at a corner is the best choice. The use of brick and stones will give a classic look to the fireplace. The adjacent sides are used to build a place just like the fireplace, only to store those extra woods for a long night.

Outdoor Stone Corner Fireplace

basement corner fireplace idea1

Design by Shuler Architecture

Entryway Corner Fireplace

entryway corner fireplace

Granite Corner Fireplace

granite corner fireplace

Living Room Corner Fireplace

living room corner fireplace

Corner Fireplace Furniture Idea

corner fireplace furniture idea

Outdoor Living Corner Fireplace

outdoor living corner fireplace

Design by David Dales Photography

Vintage Corner Fireplace Design

vintage corner fireplace design

All these beautifully placed fireplaces are inspiring enough to start working on your fireplace and jazz it up a little. Bedroom fireplace is the best to design a corner fireplace. Hope you have already started building the marvelous image in your mind!

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