A patio bar can be a great extension to your home. When you take the time to choose chairs and tables that showcase your style, you will create a comfy place for hosting dinner and outdoor parties during warm weather. It can even be your sacred place for unwinding or sipping wine while watching the sunset. With a home bar, you can build it as a separate unit or purchase a portable one that can be wheeled around. You may also See Bar Table Designs

Outdoor Patio Bar Design

While there are many outdoor bars designed to match different moods, those that incorporate brown colors tend to look inviting. They blend well with the outdoor scenery. Give the chairs a little cushion to make them more comfortable.

outdoor patio bar design

Douglas VanderHorn Architects

Brick Patio Bar Design

Brick bar designs will never go out of style. Adding wooden barstools create a balance between modern and classic style. Use them only when they match with cabinets and ceiling. After all your patio bar is good only when it makes a lasting first impression with the guests.

brick patio bar design

April Lipps

Backyard Patio Bar Design

When you have enough backyard space and the budget to turn it into a worthwhile investment, then consider including a bar with a sink and build a fireplace next to it. Comfortable chairs placed next to the fireplace are great for intimate dinners.

backyard patio bar design

Promised Path Landscaping Inc

Concrete Patio Bar Design

Concrete bar design looks beautiful both outdoors and inside. Adding modern barstools creates a classy look that even complement the ample outdoor space. Place a grill next to the concrete patio bar for those days when you fill like showcasing your barbecue skills.

concrete patio bar design

Peter A. Sellar - Architectural Photographer

Patio Deck Bar Design

Turn the narrow space that connects your patio and deck into an outdoor bar. Adding metallic chairs that contrast with the table will make the area more lively. White painted chairs will make the patio look spacious.

patio deck bar design

Landsystems Landscapes

Patio Bar Furniture Idea

If a modern style is what appeals to you then for your patio bar consider adding captivating bar furniture that will be the center of attention. Place an L-shaped sofa in a corner and even add some colorful throw in pillows.

patio bar furniture idea

Envision Landscape Studio

Diy Patio Bar Design

Using DIY furniture in your patio bar design will show your creativity or what you are passionate about. Go in a different direction and use metallic items to bring out a vintage style. Decorated metallic chairs placed around a glass table form a perfect area for elegant dinner parties. You may also See Patio Furniture Designs

diy patio bar design

James Martin Associates

Portable Patio Bar

Portable bars are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor parties or when entertaining friends. Unlike installed bars, mobile ones prevent space congestion as they have wheels which make it easier to move them around. They are practical, lightweight and can be placed in any available space.

portable patio bar

Small Patio Bar Idea

Having a theme will go a long way in creating uniformity and showing your guests the direction of décor you prefer. Give two main items in your patio matching colors like chairs and umbrellas. Make the small patio bar more enjoyable by limiting furniture congestion.

small patio bar idea

Overstream, Inc.

Covered Patio Bar Idea

Covering the patio works to increase privacy and to create a room like feel. Covered patio bar also defines the space and ensures the furniture is protected from harsh weather conditions. Cover with low maintenance materials like corrugated metal or use your roof extension.

covered patio bar idea

Debbie R. Gualco

Decorating Tips of Patio Bar

Decorating your patio bar can easy and fun as long as you know what you want and make use of the available space. The furniture you choose will depend on whether you prefer rustic, modern, contemporary or vintage style. Add bold colored throw pillows to your chairs or use barstools with the unique geometric shape. Another fun idea is to turn a wine barrel into a dart board. You can even place this board in your basement bar. You may also See Outdoor Bar Designs

If you love entertaining at home, then the above patio bar designs and ideas should be in your next home renovation project. These bars offers privacy and makes entertaining fun. While outdoor designs are ideal for warm weather, basement bar is perfect for people who live in areas that rain frequently.

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