In order to complete a space you need a few key pieces. Table designs provide you with a solid surface that comes in various materials bringing style and completing the space. Tall tables have unique design bringing elegance and making the space look taller lifting the eye. In this post we are going to present you with a great collection of bar table designs in order to show you all the available options to choose.

Outdoor Bar Tables

Outdoor bar tables have great quality with weather resistant properties. These tables come in many materials ranging from metal to wood, that combined with the style will give you an incredible setting full of vivacious character for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Patio Bar Table

outdoor patio bar tables

Rustic Outdoor Bar Table

rustic outdoor bar table

Portable Bar Tables

Portable bars are a great solution for those that entertain friends and family a lot. You can choose a design with sturdy frame and a lighter weight in order to allow you easier transportation to use in outdoor spaces too.

Metal Portable Bar Table

portable bar tables

Breakfast Bar Tables

Kick start your day with a stylish breakfast bar. These designs are available in many sizes allowing you to choose the right one depending on your space. You can find many designs with similar bar stools or chairs to match.

Kitchen Breakfast Bar Table

kitchen breakfast bar table

Kitchen Bar Tables

If your kitchen is in need of stylish upgrade then start with your kitchen table. A bar design will make the space look taller while it will accentuate the character of the room. Available in wood, metal and glass materials.

Wooden Kitchen Bar Table Design

white kitchen bar table design

Wooden Bar Table Designs

Wooden bar designs will bring a classic look in your space while it can be incorporated in every style ranging from traditional to modern. The finish types will determine the final look in your space while bringing extra glamour tone.

Small Wooden Bar Table

small wooden bar table

Modern Wooden Bar Table

modern wooden bar table

Small Bar Table Designs

A small bar table can offer at least two seating places. The designs vary from style to style while the materials used can prove that even small sizes come with beautiful designs that can make the space look immensely charming.

Small Square Bar Table

small square bar table design

Contemporary Small Bar Table

modern small bar table

Diy Bar Table Designs

You can make your own bar table with a pallet. All you need is to paint the pallet and install a countertop in a matching color scheme in order to have an elegant and stylish table with personality and glamour.

Coffee Bar Tables

A coffee bar table will look incredible in your kitchen space. This table will have everything you need in order to prepare your favorite coffee for a quick and easy refill. The designs can range from rustic to eccentric styles.

Small Coffee Bar Table

small coffee bar table

Patio Bar Tables

You can skip the outdoor living room and go for a patio bar table. Choose a set in order to get matching bar chairs or stools or you can choose a separate design for the chairs to create visual interest.

Wood Patio Bar Table

wood patio bar table

Patio Oak Bar Table

patio oak bar table

Modern Bar Table Designs

A modern bar table will look incredible in your living room. Many designs can have storage space for drinks and glasses while others offer an extra decorative element with tufted bases or artistic designs that act as exceptional focal points.

White Modern Bar Table

white modern bar table

Wood Modern Bar Table

modern bar table

Rustic Bar Tables

The combination of metal and wood can give you extraordinary designs that fall under the rustic style. In these designs the quality of the wood resembles antique furniture with distressed surface and visible grains that bring a strong rustic vibe.

Rustic Home Bar Table

rustic home bar table

Vinatge Rustic Bar Table

vintage rutic bar table

Corner Bar Tables

Corner designs offer a versatile use that will put in good use an empty corner in your living room. These designs offer a great quality of elegance and glamour while they come in wood, glass or metal to choose from.

Modern Corner Bar Table

modern corner bar table

Round Bar Tables

In case you want to add a soft tone in your space without diminishing the style then you should choose a round bar table. The available designs come in various base styles while the materials can change with every style.

Small Round Bar Table

small round bar table


Industrial Bar Table Designs

The industrial design has unique characteristics bringing an instant upgrade in every space. An industrial bar table will give you a special implement to accentuate the room’s design with a raw energy of the metallic frames and oil brushed surfaces.

Outdoor Industrial Bar Table

outdoor industrial bar table

Decorate your bar table with an elegant decorative accessory that will accentuate the table’s style completing the look with a viable touch of sophisticated glamour.

Make sure that the design you choose is matching the room’s style. Otherwise you can have it act as a statement piece that will show off a different and unique style reflecting your personal tastes. From your patio to your kitchen a bar table will make your house look amazing.

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