A rustic home bar is designed without too much modern, decorative or flashy features. You can turn your small home bar into a rustic bar by simply using a few essentials and match them with design in simple and plain fashion. Use of wood is the most common option for rustic bars. Unpolished wood is more preferred, though some people like their bars constructed with shiny varnished wood. The first thing that you need in building your home bar is a dedicated place inside your home where you can build a table and a cabinet system for your wine collection and wine glasses.

Small Rustic Home Bar

small rustic home bar


There is one way of turning that small corner into a functional home space, by turning it into a small rustic home bar. This home bar, for instance, is positioned in a corner space that is easily accessible at the bottom of the stairs. This could be the best idea for a basement bar. The use of wood all throughout the whole set, established the rustic feel of the bar.

Diy Rustic Home Bar Design

diy rustic home bar design


This is a unique home bar as it has no shelving for the wine collection display. Rather, it has a cabinet system that could hold the bottles, glasses and other bar essentials. The most commonly favored wines are displayed on a two-tiered bar platform. The bar’s back portion is made of reclaimed wood, giving the space that simple rustic appeal. You can also see Living Room Bar Designs

Rustic Industrial Home Bar

rustic industrial home bar


The one thing that gives this home bar that rustic look is the unpolished island/table foundation. The rest of the bar have more of the modern-industrial feel.

Rustic Wooden Home Bar

rustic wooden home bar


A circular bar is something that is totally unique and eye-catching. It requires a big space though. This rustic wooden home bar in circular design has a 4-seater round table with the middle opening for the delegated bartender. The cabinetry is curved to go with the shape of the entire bar system.

Curved Rustic Home Bar

curved rustic home bar


This curved home bar was created in a design that resembles a western saloon. The polished wood has dark rich color, which adds the rustic feel into the western design. The swinging door is definitely one of the best features of this home bar.

Custom Rustic Home Bar

custom rustic home bar


This custom home bar with rustic feel is designed traditionally with the wine collection cabinetry system done in shelvings. The island/table is traditional in its shape and material, but it also looks ancient and magnificent with its wide platform.

Rustic Portable Home Bar

rustic portable home bar


What could be more rustic than this basement bar with logs and wood as main material? The mirror on the back bar allows for an illusion of space, while the copper edged bar top provides the industrial-modern feel into the design.

Cottage Rustic Bar Design

cottage rustic bar design


This industrial-rustic modern bar is made with glass tile and reclaimed wood siding. The galvanized steel pendants look so rustic and they match the cool stools to perfection.

Rustic Home Wet Bar

rustic home wet bar


The use of a single shade for the color scheme in this home bar gives it a simple rustic appeal. The cabinets are made of wood in mahogany finished and polished in brown glaze. The leathered upholstered chairs add some classy sophistication into the design set up.

Luxury Rustic Home Bar Design

luxury rustic home bar design


This home bar is on the luxurious side. Just look at that space. It is not a bar, but rather a room. The wine racks look so cool and they add the uniqueness that can also be considered rustic.

Rustic Home Bar Designs

rustic home bar designs


Rustic Home Basement Bar Idea

rustic home basement bar idea


Cottage Style Rustic Bar Idea

cottage style rustic bar idea


Rustic Home Bar Red Chair Idea

rustic home bar red chair idea


Rustic Home Bar Lighting Idea

rustic home bar lighting idea


Interior Rustic Home Bar Design

interior rustic home bar design


Dark Rustic Home Bar Design

dark rustic home bar design

Design by Lechner Custom Woodworks, LLC

If you are thinking of building a home bar (or renovating an existing one) you may want to consider going for the rustic design. The first factor that you should focused on is the location of the bar. It could be a corner in the basement or a designated space for entertaining. The next thing to think about is home bar furniture. By using natural wood in your bar table/top/island, you can be assured of an effective and enticing rustic home bar.

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