If you like wine and you have a collection, it would be a good idea to have a nice place to store and display them. This means that you need to come up with a really good wine rack idea. Using a white desk as an additional accent is ideal because it give you a place to put wine glasses. Usually a wine rack is displayed where you receive your guests. Other people though install their wine racks in the kitchen. You may also see shelf desk designs.

Custom wine Rack Design

custom wine rack design

Design by Scott Christopher Homes

This custom made wine rack is installed in the home bar. The best thing about this rack is that it has individual spaces for each wine bottle. This makes it easier to pick which wine to drink. The bottles hang and they look like a part of the wall decor – it is definitely a unique and nice design.

Wooden Wine Rack Design

wooden wine rack design


This wine room has traditional wooden wine racks designed to hold the bottles through the curved wooden levels. The wood used for the rack is Alden and it really looks rustic and appealing.

Criss Cross Wine Rack Idea

criss cross wine rack idea


This wine cellar is designed with three 3 wine racking styles – single storage, criss cross and display shelves. It is a walk in wine room that can accommodate up to a thousand bottles of wine. The different racking styles allows for the space to be broken up in different designs – horizontal, diagonal and vertical.

Curved Wine Rack

curved wine rack


The wooden wine rack used for this wine room is curved to match that shape of the room. The wood is a contrast to the limestine flooring and brick wall with a small wine display floating shelf. You may also see retro furniture home designs.

Wine Glass Rack Design Idea

wine glass rack design idea


Using wall mount as a wine shelf is a good idea. The tall wine racks have rings that hold the bottles securely, despit their upside down position.

Hanging Wine Rack

hanging wine rack


This wine cellar has three different wine storage displays. One wall has the wine boxes, another wall has the rack the holds the bottles traditionally, and the last wall has the hanging bottle rack design.

Wall Mounted Wine Rack

wall mounted wine racks


This wall mount wine rack is the best choice if you do not have a large collection of wines. The way the bottles are displayed allows for only a small space to be occupied. If you happen to gain more wines, you can just keep on adding similar wine racks.

Handmade Wine Rack Design Idea

handmade wine rack design idea

Design by Altius Design Group

This home bar has a rustic appeal with its dark wood cabinetry and neutral color scheme. The wine rack is set in the middle of the wall where the cabinet is placed. This allows for the wine bottles to be the center of attention.

Metal Wine Rack

metal wine rack


This wine cellar is totally modern in design. It has metal steel reinforcement mesh done in sheet form to provide storage for the bottles. The two sides of the wine rack display is used to display the wine glass, and the bottom part of the cabinetry had a glass storage portion and open shelving spaces.

DIY Wine Rack Design

diy wine rack design


Making use of that space under the stairs is always a good idea. This home used that space as their wine storage and display area. The result is a nice wine rack made of dark wood shelvings.

Amazing Wine Rack Design

amazing wine rack design


Wine Rack Storage Design

wine rack storage design


Rustic Wine Rack Design Bar

rustic wine rack design bar


Attractive Metal Wine Rack Idea

attractive metal wine rack idea


Wine Rack with Tuscan Dining Table

wine rack with tuscan dining table


Master Wine Rack Design

master wine rack design


Wine Rack Cellar Idea

wine rack cellar idea


Wine Rack Cellar Light Idea

wine rack cellar light idea


In creating a wine display area, it is important to keep in mind that you need to establish how many wine bottles you have. The amount of bottles will determine the measurement of your rack. For small collection, a simple wall mount wine rack will do. You may also see kids desk designs.

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