If you like wine collecting but the very thought of storage is what stops you from your pursuit, we suggest you invest in wine storage racks or cabinets. These racks are made of different materials and they will help you store your wine bottles and, also showcase them in an elegant fashion. To display beautiful wine bottle you must invest on an elegant cabinet. To help you in your dilemma, we have included some of the best wine rack designs you can find online and also purchase them if you like.

10. CellarVue Redwood Vino Rail Wine Rack

cellarvue redwood vino rail wine rack combo oak stain satin finish

The solid base given with the cabinet provides for a well protected space and storage at the lower level. This cabinet is perfect for home, shops and restaurants. The look of this cabinet is contemporary with an elegant finish.

9. CellarVue Redwood Horizontal Wine Rack

cellarvue redwood horizontal wine rack combo oak stain satin finish

If you are looking for something to hold your bulk collection, this rack will surely impress you. With the super storage capacity you can store all kinds of wine bottles, from standard to hard to fit bottles.

8. ModulaRack

modularack pro wine rack gondola fixture

Another wine rack that would offer you ample storage and design so good that you would not be able to resist flaunting it in front of your guests is this ModulaRack, Pro Wine Rack, Gondola Fixture.

7. The Albany Wine Barrel

the albany wine barrel

Because wine racks and cabinets can be too mainstream so we thought of a parallel approach and nothing better than a Wine Barrel struck us. The Barrel is hand crafted from Bordeaux and can hold up to 25 bottles.


6. Pull-Out Wine Bottle Cradle Vintner Series

pull out wine bottle cradle vintner series

Your wine storage just reached a new height! This Wine rack will make sure you never run out of space. Still, if you do not want to take a chance you can purchase two to maximize your storage.

5. Amber Onyx Wine Rack 8 Bottle

amber onyx wine rack 8 bottle

Here is a wine rack that would serve as a perfect decor object for your interiors. With its beautiful aesthetics, one of a kind design and storage space for 8 wine bottles, it makes for a perfect wine rack for anyone who has a knack for artistic flare.

4. Wine Rack Table

wine rack table

Another modern and unconventional approach to design a wine rack. The rack table has been created with a perfect fusion of natural material, technology and modern design aesthetics.


2. Saxton Entertainment Bar Suite

saxton entertainment bar suite

If you are a fan of classic fine cabinetry, watch out for this spacious cabinet that features warm, multi step finish, high-quality tempered-glass doors and ample amount of storage space. Store your favorite bottle of wine without any kind of hassle.

1. Howard Miller Piedmont Rustic Cherry Corner Bar Cabinet

howard miller piedmont rustic cherry corner bar cabinet

This is a more traditional style wine cabinet. Include it in your interiors and you’ll have a classic bar setup at your home. It is designed for corners and will not cover much space.

These wine racks are not only great for wine storage but will also enhance the interior aesthetics and luxury of your house.

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