Duffle bags offer great space and awesome variety. Men, especially, can use them while travelling, going out or at the gym. These bag come very handy when you have to carry stuff other than just phone and keys. They are light weight and that’s what make them a travel must-have. There are some excellent designer duffle bags that you must check out. These premium quality, high-end bags share your load and help you create a fashionable impression.

1. Brunello Cucinelli Men’s Leather & Wool-Cashmere Duffle Bag

brunello cucinelli

The bag celebrates luxury with leather and wool cashmere. The two fabric together create an amazing contrast on the bag. The cashmere wool is what made Brunello Cucinelli famous and the inspiration behind it is the countryside of Umbria.

2. Ralph Lauren Boston Alligator Bag

ralph lauren boston alligator bag

The most expensive bag in the list, the bag has been crafted from the finest American Alligator. The gloss finish and the refined details is what makes the bag incomparable.

3. Ralph Lauren Weekender Vachetta Duffel

ralph lauren weekender vachetta duffel

The name defines the purpose of the bag. The structure, the finish, the color and the space; there is nothing in this bag that isn’t a delight.

4. Gucci Ghost Duffle

gucci ghost duffle

This artistic duffel bag has been customized by Trouble Andrew, a Brooklyn based artist. He was invited by Alessandro Michele for a collaboration on a special project where he wanted Andrew to incorporate his art into Mechele’s designs. The bag is a mix of two cultures and two identities. This special edition Gucci bag is something you should not miss on.

5. Gucci Leather Duffle

gucci leather duffle

For all the Gucci fans, this duffel bag is something you shouldn’t miss by any mean. It has Gucci’s web detail, the green and red combination, in its signature. Made from brown leather, the bag has an elegant finish and exquisite texture.

6. Gucci Bengal GG Supreme Duffle

gucci bengal gg supreme duffle

If you have been missing a black beauty amidst these bags, here is one! Right from the design house of Tom Ford. The overall black makes the bag look very classy and adds to the timelessness. Made from semi polished-calf skin, the bag comes with dual strap, inside zip pocket and Tom Ford exclusive heavy metal zipper.

7. Berluti Jour-Off MM

berluti jour off mm

As per the description given, the bag can be your all time accessory that you can use anytime from a weekend trip to your workout requirement. The bag is made with high quality leather that was prepared in the early 1990s with an expectation of exquisite quality.

8. Prada Weekender

prada weekender

This is a conventional style duffle bag with matt finish and decent charm. The most attractive thing about the bag is its color.

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