Cooking can sometimes be therapeutic, if only you had to not indulge in the other tedious tasks that follows. There are some brands and organizations that have made sincere efforts with the help of technology to ease out the kitchen for a better cooking and overall experience in the kitchen. You have gadgets that can help you with your task, help you clean and help you cook faster. Today, we are going to look at the best kitchen gadgets for the year 2016. They are a part of our list because of their innovative concept and design value.

1. Auroma One

auroma one

Here is a single server coffee maker that helps you control various variables like temperature, coffee to water ration, grind size, etc, while making coffee. It enables you to optimize brewing parameters for you get a perfect cup of coffee. Not only this, but this coffee machine, known as the Aroma One, also brews coffee with creating any kind of environmental waste.

2. ALSFELD Cutting Board

alsfeld cutting board


A cutting board that does the usual work but beyond that looks exceptionally fancy. It also helps you minimize the mess with its maple milling cutting board by helping you prevent any liquid to fall off the board. It also comprises of a heat resistant stand-all board that provides optimum grip. Besides, it also acts as a beautiful decoration to the kitchen. The inspiration behind the design was the facades of the old half-timbered house from the streets of Germany.

3. Portable Washbasin by Rodi Design

portable washbasin by rodi design

Doing the dishes can get messy especially when the water has not completely drained out. The sink given here, designed by Rodi Design, has a drying rack connected to it. The water from the utensils goes directly to the drain via the rack, leaving you with a clean and dry sink.

4. Spyker Trivet by Prompong Hakk

spyker trivet by prompong hakk

A colorful trivet which is functional and compact. The Spyker Trivet by Prompong Hakk is very practical in design. It features fingertip ducts that allow you to open the trivet without any trouble. It is extremely easy to wash and clean. The stainless exterior makes it look like a contemporary tool and also assures its durability.

5. Kitch’T



Can you imagine an entire kitchen that measures 12*3*3 feet? Two Siberian designers have executed this imagination in the form of a portable micro-kitchen that features a fridge, table, oven, dishwasher, stove top, and faucets and all of this in one unit. Isn’t it futuristic?

6. The Radix Range Hood Concept

the radix range hood concept

the radix range hood

Here is a concept design of sensors that automatically purifies the kitchen. The gadget has been designed to look like a tree and according to the designers, it can be controlled by a smartphone.

7. Rising Shell

rising shell


Is it a board or is it a bowl? Well, it’s both. Rising shell, designed by Robert van Embricqs looks like a board that can be used for cutting fruits and vegetable and it can also transform into a bowl that can be used to hold the fruits and vegetables; before you cut them of course!

These small tools can be of great use in the kitchen and can help you bring out the optimum result with any additional hassles. With these gadgets, you’ll get to spend a lot less time in the kitchen and they also happen to match the contemporary interior of your kitchen.

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