With a range of gifts available for the nerds, sci-fi fans, coffee lovers and enthusiast designers, it is high time we valued the importance of a foodie. Taking you to the best of eating joints and bringing the ultimate and savory joy to your taste buds, the foodie of your group needs to be well-rewarded with a gift! Scroll down to enjoy the list of specials and yes, before we forget Bon Appétit.

1. Watermelon Candle

watermelon candle

Looking like an actual watermelon, the candle lasts for approximately 16 hours and can be a perfect gift for the foodie in your group.

2. Sushi Socks

sushi sock

Combining the feeling of cozy and snug with the popular and relishing Japanese food culture, the socks come with a set of 7 pairs that feature the delicious designs such as Salmon, Shrimp, Tuna, Egg, Octopus, Red Caviar, and Masuzushi. When rolled neatly the socks look like an actual sushi set.

3. Fish Pencil Wallet

fish pencil wallet

This pencil bag actually looks like a real fish. Agreed that some may find the purse disgusting but the fish bag is a perfect way to play a prank on the friends at school or office.

4. Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Gift Set

ceremonial grade matcha green tea gift set

Matcha had an incredible 2016 with recipes for everything including cocktails, baked goods, and main courses. As we all know the perfect mug of matcha tea isn’t complete without the proper set of tools that include a bamboo whisk, a double-walled glass mixing bowl, measuring scoop, and 30 servings of Ceremonial Grade Matcha so you can host the best tea party ever.

5. Raw Spice The Monthly Spice Box

raw spice the monthly spice box

Just for $8, Raw Spice will provide three unique and freshly ground spice flavor kits at your doorstep every month. Spice Box is a perfect gift for someone looking to bring a global culinary experience to their kitchen.

6. Jo Malone London Mimosa & Cardamom Scented Candle

jo malone london mimosa cardamom scented candle

Carrying an intoxicatingly warm scent that is earthy, clean, and elegant, the soy candle is perfect to complement the cosy brunch party with the sweet aroma of freshly-squeezed mimosas and crushed cardamon.

7. Eataly The Pastapedia Gift

eataly the pastapedia gift


This hand-picked selection of best-selling gourmet pasta shapes from Eataly will certainly take you and the people tasting your food in a delicious culinary journey through Italy, one meal at a time.

8. Art-inspired Knives

art inspired knives


Beautiful and artistic, the creative knives with distinctive print and pattern make for a great gift idea for the one friend who has earned himself or herself the tag of a fine chopper.

9. Books for the Foodie

books for the foodie

If you or your foodie friend considers himself a hardcore barbecue fan or meat lover, The Barbecue Bible by Steven Raichlen is definitely one of the best gifts to give your friend for the next Barbeque.

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