If you are planning to dine at that one friend’s house who puts in the extra effort in everything including food and decor, this post is definitely for you. Give the turkey pot holders and giant wreaths a rest this Thanksgiving, and gift your host an unconventional gift that is both stylish and substantial. We have today compiled a set of 10 goodies that any chic and stylish host will definitely be thankful to receive.

8. Crate & Barrel Marble Tic-Tac-Toe Game Set

crate barrel marble tic tac toe game set

This is one gift that will be loved and enjoyed by everyone. Children will enjoy playing the elevated version of this classic game and the adults in the house can also set this on the coffee table as a decorative accent. The board comes with engraved grid for easy play. Weighty and high quality, the board is definitely one elegant choice for a present.

7. Crate & Barrel Indigo Blue Batik Plates

crate barrel indigo blue batik plates

These stoneware plates are made using a process that is often used to dye textiles. Coated with ink resistant material, the plates carry fun patterns which are then glazed with indigo. The result of the process is this white and deep blue design that is as stunning as durable. The plates are suitable for microwave, dishwashers, and ovens (at least up to 350 degrees) and they will definitely freshen up the look of any table setup.

6. Old Havana Pitcher

french kitchen marble fruit bowl

Functional and decorative, this pretty pitcher can be used all year round by the hostess for water, juice and an even big batch of cocktails during a get-together or party. The matte finish matches the formal shape and makes it versatile for any occasion. Available in three colours, mint, moss and white, the pitcher will duly match with any dinnerware set.

5. French Kitchen Marble Fruit Bowl

french kitchen marble fruit bowl

More of a statement piece, this sleek grey and white marble bowl justifies the price tag and the purpose. Ideal gift for the fruit lovers, the tray will not just help you serve the vitamin goodness but also render a sharply muted touch in any home.

4. BULY 1803 Retour d’Egypte Home Fragrance Set

buly 1803 retour degypte home fragrance set

The Buly 1803’s home fragrance comes with a stone diffuser set in a printed porcelain dish and a small perfume container. The Retour d’Egypte scent has a hint of Bergamot, Pink Berries and Musk and a floral blend of Hawthorn and Jasmine. Whichever room you choose to place it in, we can ensure it will definitely infuse a warm aromatic touch to your space.

3. Marimekkofokus Tray

marimekkofokus tray

This large Fokus Tray in black and white is made from 100% cotton and plywood. The fabric is first pressed into plywood then laminated, making the tray both waterproof and spill proof.

2. March Pantry Starter Spice Set

march pantry starter spice set

This pantry starter spice set includes Allspice, Brown Mustard Seed, Crushed Chili, Herbes de Provence, Nutmeg, Oregano, Paprika, Thyme Leaf, Turmeric and Whole Cloves. All the spices packed individually in glass container make the set pretty and very tasteful.

1. Plank-Triangle

plank triangle

This Walnut and Curly Maple cutting board is designed in a way to serve the purpose while looking great when hung on the wall. The long handles attached to the board make it easy to serve. The doughnut hole allows the board to be hung from any hook or nail. The board is available in three shapes which include- circle, diamond and triangle.

Along with a bottle of wine, pick up the stylish and suited present for your lovely hostess and reward their efforts with thanks and style.

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