Rezvani, known for manufacturing some of the finest super cars has taken a step further to upgrade it’s signature style. If you thought things couldn’t get better after the supercar manufacturer came out with Beast, brace yourself because the next best thing is here! It is called the Beast Alpha! As the name indicates, it takes the standards created by the Beast further. It is Rezvani’s brand new take on its signature automobile.

The Beast is a two seater roadster and the Best Alpha comes with some addition of features. Like targa-style top, an addition of a removable enclosure, there is also going to be a brand new sidewinder door which has already got it compared to Koenigsegg, the supercar makers from California.

The interiors is sophisticated and contemporary. It comprises mainly of leather and alcantara. It comes with every standard feature that can be expected and looks like most of the race cars. The usual air conditioning, airbags have obviously been provided. It comes with an LCD screen with a stereo. The stereo comes with Apple carplay and Android auto. There is also a feature called drive mode selector available in the car. It allows you to have a great control and choose the amount of power and stability control of the car. You have to drive hard and fast all the time, since it comes with an economic mode option.

On the outside, the car looks royal and strong. The newly introduced targa top allows for an amazing driving experience. The advance LED headlights are perfect for night driving. The body has been built with Carbon Fiber Construction that keeps it light in spite of the added weight.

Performance wise, The Alpha comes with 500 horsepower, a heavily modified and turbocharged 2.4liter K24 four cylinder acura engine. Talking about Beast it was slightly up on the performance front with 700 horsepower and 0-6- mph acceleration time in 2.5 seconds. Though when it comes to speed the Beast Alpha comes with a top speed of 175 mph whereas the Beast has the maximum speed that can reach up to 165 mph.

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