If you are going to run or manage a golf tournament, one of the most important aspects that you should focus on is the creation of the golf certificate. Each participant – whether they win or not – should be able to receive a certificate to acknowledge their participation into the event. This is where gold certificate template comes in.

Minimalist Golf Certificate


If you want to keep it simple, this golf certificate template is the one for you. It has a minimalistic approach into the design, which eliminates too much features. It only contains for the most basics – tournament logo, heading, place for the name, acknowledgment part, details of the tournament.

Golf Certificate of Participation


If you want a more elaborately designed certificate for the tournament winners, this one should be one of your options. It has a specific place for a photograph, which means you can actually include images of the certificate recipients who secured winning positions.

Sample Golf Certificate


This is another certificate of merit template that you can use to present the winners with their other prizes – if there is any. There is a space where a photograph can be included.

Formal Golf Certificate


This is a perfect example of a formal golf certificate template. The logo is placed on the top right corner and right under it is an image of a trophy. On the left side, the heading tops the space and followed under by the required text, space for the name and the acknowledgement details.

Simple Golf Certificate


A nice way to present a token of acknowledgement for golf tournament participants is by having a gold ball image in the certificate. This template is a bit formal in design because of its simplicity.

Whether you are giving away certificates to all participants or to the winners, it is important that yoyur certificates are done professionally. If you do not like the pressure of creating your of certificate design, your next best option is to use easy to edit and ready to print golf certificate template.

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