As human beings, we all need to feel that we are appreciated especially when we work so hard to produce tangible results. It can be in the form of a certificate, handshake or a simple pat on the back; either way, this gesture boosts morale in a work environment as well as makes each person feel that they are part of a team. However, a certificate of recognition is more personal because it goes a long way in relaying the message.

Corporate Employee Recognition

certificate of employee recognition

This template is ideal for an employee who has an outstanding performance. It works to foster loyalty towards the company and reduce absenteeism. To make this template unique, you need to write their name using a calligraphy font and color that is different from the whole model to make it stand out.

Certificate of Emergency Management

emergency manager

A manager needs to set the standards for other employees to follow. Therefore this recognition is a way of distinguishing the extra mile that the manager goes to make a substantial contribution to an organization and individual accomplishment. This template also praises the head of the team for goals successfully met.

US Flag Certificate of Recognition

flag recognition

This template is for individuals such as scouts, marines or any person who has done an exceptional job for the military. It’s also a way of recognizing an individual who has been promoted to a certain rank or done community service that helps veterans.

School Certificate of Recognition

school recognition

This template is for a school that has won a competition, or when successful in a project. This award represents the good work that students, teachers and non-teaching staff work as a team to produce excellent results. This recognition tends to address to the head of school.

Recognition aims to show respect, sense of achievement and work value. When you recognize a person they set the example for other people to follow because they tend to work even harder than before. You can use recognition in a workplace to improve teamwork, enhance employee satisfaction, increase individual productivity and loyalty towards your company. These templates are also perfect for praising a person to raise their self-esteem or reward a team to boost their morale so that they achieve even greater goals.

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