We live, work and sleep in hurry and this constant rush has us racing in every personal sphere and professional platform. Much to everyone’s knowledge, the urge and rush have presented us with many tech innovations to help keep up with the time and our health. With a number of systems and gadgets available in the market, we have today compiled a list of top 15 gadgets that are a must have for the active and involved individuals around the world.

Lightweight Laptop

lightweight laptop

lightweight laptop1

A lightweight laptop is not just portable and very convenient to use but also powerful, long lasting and actually quite affordable. With a number of options available, you have plenty of choices to make the best and well-informed purchase.

Compact Camera

compact camera

A compact camera is a must have for two reasons, first being its pocket size built and second its ability to give best in small size. With pro-level optics, a compact camera can serve not only as an affordable and multifunctional option but also as an efficient pick for amateur photographers.



If you love photography then having a top of the line performing DSLR is indeed an investment. You can also buy the range of lenses to accentuate your frame and depth of clicks.

Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker

Blending right with your busy schedule, a fitness tracker can help to keep a track of your health and also give the necessary recommendations. If you find yourself short on time to exercise or hit the gym, a fitness tracker is definitely one of the best reminders and motivators.

Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speaker1

bluetooth speaker2



Music should follow your path and a Bluetooth speaker is one of the best ways to literally implement it. A good quality Bluetooth speaker with wide range signal will allow you to take your speaker to the current spot and not to be tangled in the web of wires.



Who doesn’t want a good noise canceling headphone to enjoy some music in peace and quiet? Good quality headphones are one of the best ways to tune out the outside world and just breath and feel the sound.

Record Player

record player

If you are a music enthusiast you would agree that vinyl any day sounds better and a record player is one of the best ways to enjoy good music at home after a tiring day at work.

Selfie Stick

selfie stick

Whether you love it or hate it, you can definitely not overlook the growing popularity and demand of a selfie stick. The stick allows the users to take the photographs from a distance without the need of asking the strangers to take a snap. The selfie stick is collapsible and can easily extend out to more than four feet.

Mini 3D Printer

mini 3d printer

Though 3D printers don’t come cheap, but they have started to become increasingly affordable for the consumers. The 3D printers have also started to become more practical to own, capable of making a wide variety of products in a range of materials other than plastic. LulzBot 3D printer is one of the smart and affordable options you can look for in the market.

Diet Pad

diet pad

diet pad1

Sticking to a diet can be tough especially if you are a working professional or spend your time traveling. Despite your level of dedication, you might still be tempted to try that one piece of chocolate or one portion of snack. The diet pads like Prep Pad helps you weight the ingredients in your meal and syncs it to an app on your iPad or iPhone where it loads that information into your diet plan via Bluetooth. And, this instantly gives you an item-by-item nutritional breakdown of the food on your platter.

Smart Watch

smart watch

The smart timepiece has been gaining popularity ever since Apple came up with their smartwatch. The smartwatch does more than just showing you the time, it can store thousands of apps and other information while looking equally classy on your wrist.

Gaming Console

gaming console

A gaming console is a electronic, digital or computer device to play a video game alone or with a group of friends. If you are a video game enthusiast a gaming console is definitely a must have to add to the collection.

Backup Hard Drive

backup hard drive

A backup hard drive will ensure that your endless amount of data is stored safely and you wouldn’t lose all of it in a sudden system failure.

Self-Flying Drone

self flying drone

A self-flying drone is one of the best-suited tech essential for action sports enthusiasts. A self-flying drone like AirDog drone can be controlled by a wristband. A drone can help to capture clear and crisp images of skiers, surfers, mountain bikers and others as they shred snow, hit waves and climb hills.

Espresso Maker

espresso maker1

espresso maker2

If you are a coffee lover, an espresso maker is a portable and convenient option to have on the go. The Minipresso NS is currently one of the best available options to try and buy in the market.

Update your daily chores and occasional activities with these 15 useful and must-have tech gadgets.

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