Our lives can never be complete, actually not even close to being in the same vicinity of complete if it was not for our moms, wives, girlfriends & sisters. Showering us with their constant affection and support, women are the true pillars of the society. With Women’s Day just around the corner, here is your chance to show them how much they mean to you with these 10 excellent and noteworthy gifts ideas that are equally useful and meaningful.

1. Empowering Book or Movie


empowering book or movies

empowering book or movie

An inspiring book can make a great gift for mom or sister who loves reading. If she likes to read e-book then you can also order it online. The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood, ‘Lean in: Women, ‘A Room of One’s Own’ by Virginia Wolf are some of the popular choices to choose from. You can even gift DVDs of women-centric movies like ‘Erin Brockovich’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘A League of Their Own’ and ‘Nine to Five’ for the evergreen movie lover.

2. Spa Day

spa day

Book an exclusive package at a comfortable high-quality spa and make the woman in your life feel special and pampered. Give her the time out she deserves after working hard at the home and the office.

3. Baking Kit or Cooking Book

baking kit or cooking book

If she likes to bake or enjoys cooking in general then gifting a handmade baking kit is one great option for a Women’s Day gift. Personalize the gift by painting over the cupcake wrappers and arranging all the elements in a special order. Cover everything beautifully with a loving personal note.

4. Bath Set

bath set

bath sets

Women love perfumed products and what better way to spread the love of fragrance than by getting her a bath set. How can one resist a combination of handmade soap, a homemade salt scrub made with essential oils and a pack of tub-tea bag with calming scents and scented tea-lights.

5. Treat of Tea

treat of tea

treat of teas

If your mom cannot function without her mandatory cup of tea then a handmade tea wreath is a perfect gift for her. You can custom make the box by adding a variety of flavors with the help of cardboard. Arrange the flavor tea pouches on the wreath and attach them with a colourful clothespin.

6. Duffle Bag

duffle bag

duffle bags

The duffle bag is another gift to give your special lady if they love to travel and explore. A lightweight and spacious duffle bags will solve a lot of problems and makeup as an ideal gift.

7. Personal Memorable Photograph

personal memorable photographs

personal memorable photograph

Bring back the memories of some cherished moments by a photograph of yourself and your special woman. Present the photograph inside a lovely frame and beautiful quote to express your love and gratitude.

8. Chocolate or Flower Bouquet

chocolate or flower bouquet


Instead of going for the traditional and obvious gift, you can go for a chocolate or rose bouquet.

9. Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bed

Cook a special, and well-cooked breakfast for your wife or mother in the special day. Go the extra mile by decorating the serving table with a vase full of fresh flowers.

10. Better Back

better back

It is definitely one of the best gift for your loved one who has hurt her back by constantly sitting on the desk at work. Better Back ensures a good posture and relieves the tension in the spine. The instructions say you need to wear it at least 15 minutes a day to improve your long-term posture.

Given the choice and preference, pick the gift that would be the most useful and relevant to the woman in your home.

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