An anniversary always calls for a celebration. But as each year keeps passing by, you realise that the one thing that gets tough is the gift selection. Sometimes you face this problem right at the start and other times, when the relationship gets seasoned, you realise that what you could think of as a gift is something you have already given your partner once. What are the choices that you’re left with? The regular, flowers and chocolates and cards? No! We won’t suggest you the cliches. We have a list of few interesting choices that you can make for your anniversary gift this year.

1. Three Nights Wine Box

three nights wine box

This is an interesting gift that you can give to your partner on the celebration of your first anniversary. The box comes with three bottles of wine and you are required to open these bottles on three special occasions. A perfect gift that signifies the anticipation of good times and also a promise of celebrating them together.

2. Personalized Flask

personalized flask

Here is a gift that displays your style as well as humor. Gift your husband a personalized flask with a personal message and you’ll not be able to escape his mind, even when he is drunk. These flask with personalized messages are easily available on many e-commerce websites.

3. Rolling Pins

rolling pins

Well, this gift might not be relevant for everyone. But if your partner likes baking, this could be a heartwarming anniversary present that you can gift them. This is a rolling pin that comes with embossed hearts. You gift this to your partner and they might return the love with some heart-embossed cookies.

4. Fruits Seeds

fruits seed

Like a plant after a successful marriage, here is another gift to express your hope and desires of a successful and a loving marriage. You can gift flower seed/ perennial plants to your partner during an early wedding anniversary. Grow the seed together and let your journey and the plant blossom together.

5. A Fruit Plant

fruit plant

A fruitful plant for a fruitful marriage. Here is a thoughtful gift to give to your partner after some successful years of marriage.

6. Infinity Pillow Cover Set

infinity pillow cover set

Infinity is something we all desire from a relationship. Here is a pillow set that you can present your partner to let them know of your desire. To let them know that you would like to live to your infinity with them. These sets are easily available in the market or on e-commerce websites.

7. Marriage Certificate Cushion

marriage certificate

If you are someone who is into DIYs and likes to give a personal touch to your gifts, here is a great idea. Get your marriage certificate imprint on a fabric and use it as a pillow or cushion cover. Your partner would surely be overwhelmed and would fall for you all over again.

8. An Adventure Map

an adventure map

If you both like traveling and hope to travel the world together, here is a gift that would remind you of your relationship goals. Get your partner a world map where you can mark the places you’ve been together and the places you plan on visiting. Every time you look at it, it will unfold the happy memories all over again in no time.

9. Customized Playing Cards

customized playing cards

If you both enjoy some poker, here is a way to make thing even more interesting. This anniversary you can gift your partner a set of cards that you can customize with your favorite memories. So, next time you play your card games, you would not stop smiling, even if you are are losing.

10. Date Keychain

date keychain

The anniversary date is a precious date for any couple. Get it engraved on a keychain with a special message and watch out for the candid reaction of your partner on receiving this gift. You can use this keychain for something you mutually owned.

11. Journal Notebook

journal notebook1

If you are married to a writer, there could be nothing better than a journal book where he can pen down their thoughts. You could add a bonus deal where you both decide to keep this journal exclusively for your relationship notes.

Gift giving is a thoughtful tradition that helps you express without having to say much. But sometimes things can be tough, especially when it is your anniversary and you want to give the perfect present to your partner! We hope the options helped your dilemma and you now have a few choices in your list. We agree these were not any extraordinary gifts, however, the creativity and the twist is what makes them out of the box.

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