Halloween season is on and we couldn’t be more psyched! There is a certain enigma in the air and everyone is gearing up for an uncanny time with a playful spirit. This is one holiday we all look forward to and if this is your favourite holiday, you would agree it is difficult to find things that can articulate your Halloween spirit. Since the holiday is soon approaching, we decided to list some products to flaunt your Halloween humor.

11. Sugar Skull Spoon by Suck Up

Have you been trying to cut down your sugar but you sweet tooth can’t seem to allow you? Well, here is something to warn you and with Halloween approaching, the timing couldn’t have been more appropriate. Here is a spoon that comes with skull face design and when you fill it will sugar you can see the skull. So next time you grab a spoon of sugar, don’t ignore the warning.

10. Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Here is a spooky shot glass! If you want to make a great Halloween impression here is an accessory that will surely make you score some brownie points. The shot glass contains an uncanny skull that holds the alcohol and makes the drink appear forbidden!

9. Skull Tea Infuser

There are times when you want to keep everyone away from your cup of tea. This skull tea infuser will give a perfect stay-away signal to the onlookers. It also simultaneously infuses your tea leaves to make you a delightful cup of tea.

8. Spider Costume Lashes

You must be familiar with false lashes and must have used them for several occassion. But when the occasion is Halloween, ordinary false lashes cannot be dramatic enough. Therefore you need these false spider lashes and to get yourself in the true Halloween spirit.

7. Ice Skull Molds

How about serving the Halloween punch with a skull ice instead of an ordinary ice cub? We think it is a perfect combination! The drink would look creepy, like any Halloween drink should look. These ice molds are made from silicon and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

6. Unicorn Halloween Mug

Quench your coffee craving with this adorable Unicorn mug. Unicorns carry a mystery, just like halloween. And if you are not a cynical soul who believe in the supernatural and the enigma of unknown, you must possess this mug to show how cute few mysteries can be.

5. Halloween String Lights

If you are throwing a Halloween party, make sure you have these skull string lights for the event. It comes with a 7.5feet long cord and will be an excellent decoration piece for the party.

4. All Over Halloween Sock

These are the coolest Halloween socks you would come across. They are colorful yet dark, cute yet unisex and something you must flaunt during this Halloween season.

3. Rock Glass with Real Bullet

This rock glass is hand-sculpted and made from high-quality heavy glass. Gift this one to yourself and impress everyone with your unique choice.

2. I Don’t Believe In Humans T-Shirts

It is easy for us to say that we don’t believe in ghosts, wondered what the ghosts have to say on that? Here is the answer.This is a cozy Halloween t-shirt that will keep you warm during the Halloween night and will help you flaunt your sense of humor.

1. Halloween Jar Set

Here is something that will really scare people off. This set comprising of 3 jar looks horrible and creepy and come with classic Halloween props like a spider, hand and a brain. To add to the creepiness the set also includes underwater color changing LED lights that change from red, blue and green.

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