The wearable technology has extended its reach beyond just measuring fitness and health levels. Some of the latest innovations offer a variety of potential applications in the field of wearable tech. From voice-controlled systems to technology that is able to harvest energy while being worn, we have today compiled a list of 10 best wearable technologies that show immense scope for the future of wearables.

1. 3D Fairytale Ring

3d fairytale rings

HoKiou is an Etsy seller who creates whimsical fairytale scenes inside tiny glass bulbs which are fastened to the finger rings. These tiny worlds reflect the situations and settings from the surreal universes. These miniature works of art can now be worn casually thanks to its visual appeal and size. Designed entirely by hand, these rings feature multiple settings inside the glass.

2. Steel Activity Tracker

steel activity trackers


Recently released by French electronics company, these steel activity trackers carry the utmost comfort and sophisticated design of regular watches. Revealing a variety of features when connected to the phone, the watch can receive phone calls, emails and texts and even set reminders. Along with the standard fitness features, the steel activity tracker comes with a camera that detects the change in the level of blood running through wearer’s wrists.

3. Hydration Tracking Wearable

hydration tracking wearables


The LVL wearable device keeps a check of the wearer’s hydration level and much more. You can preorder it on Kickstarter and keep a track of your heart rate, activity levels, mood and also the number of calories you have burnt for the day. The wearable can intimate you when there is a need to up the water intake.

4. Dog-Tracking Collar

dog tracking collars


Link AKC is a tech company that makes gadgets for dogs. The smart dog collars are the wearables that help the dog owners keep a track of their pet. American Kennel Club (AKC) has designed the collar keeping in mind the comfort of the dog. It can easily adjust to the size of the breed. Comfortable and durable, the collar connects to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cell technology to a smartphone app that helps owners track their pet’s activity.

5. Fertility Thermometer

fertility thermometers

Tempdrop body temperature sensor enables the women to keep an accurate track of their temperature for fertility. The wearable comes with a small armband and sensor that is to be worn during the night to take note of the internal temperature. The reading is then transferred to the smartphone, for the wearer to keep a track of the temperature throughout the night. The Tempdrop enables the couples to be more focused on wellness and overall health.

6. Endurance Increasing Wearable

endurance increasing wearables

The Quantlet is a wearable device that promises to increase the exercise capacity without the need for supplements or other forms of stimulation. The Quantlet utilises photobiomodulation, which is the process of using infrared light to stimulate the body’s natural rhythm. With regular use, the Quantlet can help to increase the exercising capabilities by 22% and also boost the overall state of mind and body.

8. Wearable Tent


The Dress Tents project was first initiated a decade ago and now it has expanded to including a selection of tents that can also be worn as massive dresses. This fascinating concept of wearable architecture comes in a huge range of shapes and colours and can definitely solve two purposes in one.

9. 3D Printed Vest

3d printed vests1

These 3D printed vests designed by Free-D aim at blending the technology with the regular wardrobe. Free-D’s ‘AMIMONO’ clothing line is described as “real clothing created with a 3D printer.” A vest from this AMIMONO collection takes inspiration from knotting techniques used in knitting, the only difference being the garment uses modelling and printing for its creation.

10. Dream Extending Wearable

dream extending wearables


Lucid dreaming is something that happens to a person randomly, but Lucid Dreamer’s technology enables to modify this by allowing the user to have dreams whenever they want. Lucid dreaming is a state when the person can control the actions in the dream and are aware of what is going on. Lucid Dreamer helps the user to have all of this experience with a compact wearable that emits a signal to the brain that triggers the dreaming experience.

Do comment and let us know about your favourite wearable. Also, mention which wearable technology would you prefer to fund and innovate.

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