People who use laptops and notepads may not agree but computer/desktop users would surely know how a mouse is an essential part of the computer system. Since today most of the things have become design-focused how could computer mice be left behind. Today we are going to list 10 unusual, unconventional mouse designs that are just too amazing to resist, even for someone who doesn’t use a mouse.

1. GoodMood Mouse for Microsoft by Evgeni Leonov

goodmood mouse for microsoft by evgeni leonov

This mouse has an inbuilt activity sensor. So when you spend more than an hour on your system using the mouse, it vibrates to send you signal for break. Interesting, right!? Apart from such efficient features, the mouse has been made with ecofriendly material and looks very edgy.

2. Saitek Obsidian 1000 dpi Wireless Rechargeable Optical Mouse

saitek obsidian 1000 dpi wireless rechargeable optical mouse

This is a highly efficient, rechargeable wireless mouse. It comes with optical sensor that provides with optimum speed and accurate tracking.

3. Swarovski Mouse

swarovski mouse

We all love the signature swan logo Swarovski. This mouse comes in the same beautiful design. Ditching the conventional mouse design, this mouse is a designed like a swan and has a crystal that acts as the button.

4. Washable Mouse from Belkin

washable mouse from belkin

For the neat freaks and cleanliness obsessed, this is a great innovation. Here is a mouse that is washable. So next time, you don’t have to worry about spilling something on the mouse.

5. Elecom Egg Mouse

elecom egg mouse

These cute egg mice offer variety of colors. Not only this, they have been designed to fit perfectly in the palm. Technology becomes delightful when it comes in such interesting packages and variety of colors.

6. Dolphin Computer Mouse

dolphin computer mouse

Here is a mouse that you can get for your kids and they will certainly love it. The mouse looks adorable and you kids will certainly get hooked on the mouse and forget the screen.

7. Bling’d Out Mouse

blinged out mouse

This embellished mouse is designed with silver and crystal. Need we say that it is perfect gift you can give to a girl?

8. Mark 1 Makeup Mouse

mark 1 makeup mouse

Did we mentioned the perfect gift for a girl already? Here is another option, just in case if you are looking for one. This mouse comes with a tiny but functional makeup storage. This intelligently designed mouse here proves that a person can love both makeup as well as gadgets.

9. Skype Mouse

skype mouse

This mouse comes with some cool features. This mouse can be also used as a speaker phone and if you like your privacy, the good news is that this mouse comes with professional compatible earphone.

10. Wireless Ergonomic Computer Mouse

wireless ergonomic computer mouse

This wireless mouse has been designed to provide you with utmost comfort while using a mouse. It comes with a laser pointer and looks completely unconventional for a mouse design. The most interesting part about this device is that you can use it without having to be near the computer. It can work from up to 15 feet distance from the computer.

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