For someone working as a professional graphic designer, keyboard icons are among the most used elements in web design projects. Well, creating something unique every time can be both boring and a time taking affair. However, you also need to ensure that each design project of yours gets a unique look and this comes from using a different keyboard icon than the one used in your previous work. To make it easier at your end, here’s a collection of ten unique keyboard and mouse icons that suits all forms of web designing and graphic designing project.

Mouse and Keyboard Icon Set

mouse and keyboard icon set

This set is a seriously sharp looking icon graphics for keyboard, mouse and other peripherals. Available in high quality, you can always choose to customize the background color according to your graphic requirements. The set covers all types of keyboards and mouse used in modern workplaces.

Computer Keyboard Icons

computer keyboard icon

This is a set of icons completely dedicated to several kinds of laptop and desktop keyboards. The keyboards are offered in various shapes and you can further customize them to meet your design requirements.

Black keyboard Control Icons

black keyboard control icons

This icon set establishes the commonly used keyboard commands in beautiful and sharp designs. A rich inventory for any graphic designer, this unique set can give a completely fresh look to your next web designing project.

White Mouse and Keyboard Icons

white mouse and keyboard icons

Offering a classy look, this set of white mouse and keyboard icon set promises a unique and professional mood for your design. If you are trying to do something in white, this would be a perfect icon set to use. The icon is offered in 300 dpi and is completely scalable and customizable.

Typography and Keyboard Icons

typography and keyboard icons

Now, this would be an icon set that would have been quite hard to find. Offering some of the most unique signs used in web designing, you can use these high resolution vector patterns in your project to create a fresh and unique look. Further, the high resolution images ensure that the icons are completely scalable.

Keyboard Keys Icons

keyboard keys icons

A 3D rendition of all 102 keyboard keys, this will be a very helpful set of vectors for any web designer. The icons integrate shadow and 3D symmetry to make the pattern pop out in the final output. This would be a perfect answer to any kind of computer designing project.

Colored Keyboard Icons

often keyboard icons

Available as a GIF icon pack, the symbols established in this set can be a very useful tool for any graphic designer. The symbols range from hash tags to backspace and play/pause icons. Offered in very high quality, this will be a very unique set of icons to keep handy for any graphic or web designer.

Round Keyboard Icons

round keyboard icons

Looking for keyboard icons in colorful round backgrounds? This should be your best answer. You will find several different background colors and white keyboard icon in a very high resolution pattern image. Use this in a range of applications, ranging from web designing to billboard graphics.

Free Mouse Keyboard Icon Set

free mouse keyboard icon set

Another sharp looking icon set for different kinds of mouse and keyboard, this will be a great addition to you inventory of high quality symbols. Use them in your next web designing for a surprising look and appeal.

Keyboard Office Icon Set

keyboard office icon set

A set of various commonly used office tools as vector icons; these can be put to good use in ant fresh web design project. Depending on your precise requirements, these icons can both be used as web icons or as full size prints to be pasted on office walls. The high quality vectors ensure that the icons are open to maximum scaling.

Keyboard And Mouse Icon Set

keyboard and mouse icon set

Classic Keyboard Icons

classic keyboard icon

Blue Keyboard Icons

blue keyboard icons

Coming across a unique set of web icons can be a difficult job, given the frequency of new websites being launched every day. We hope that these icons can be put into good use!

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