Surely you would have come across an Orange-colored icon sitting on one of the top most (or bottom most in some cases) corners of a website. Ever wondered what that could be? Well, it is known as an RSS feed. It is a utility, a live Feed as some would say, which is used for users to subscribe to the website, webpage or blog for updates as and when they occur. The icon is standardized to be orange color and is formatted using only XML.

Ten Simple RSS Icons

ten simple rss icons


RSS Sign Icons in a Few Variants

rss sign icons in a few variants


Simple Rss Icon

simple rss icon

The story of RSS formats began in 1999, but they took their first leap in the early 2000s. Since then, technology has revolutionized more than just a bit. A reflection of that can be seen on RSS feeds, even though they still continue to be orange color.

Default RSS Icon

default rss icon

Set of Seven RSS Vector Icons

set of seven rss vector icons


Dark Circle RSS Icons

dark circle rss icons


Blue Jeans RSS Icon

blue jeans rss icon

Kawaii Animals RSS Icon Pack

kawaii animals rss icon pack

Simple and Fun RSS Icons

simple and fun rss icons


11 Colours of RSS Sign Icons

11 colours of rss sign icons


Long Shadow RSS Icon

long shadow rss icon

Pack of 32 RSS Icons

pack of 32 rss icons


RSS icons may seem as trivial inclusion on a website, however, they are meant for doing big things. Having an RSS icon on your page is always useful for getting more user-traffic on your page. When visitors visit your page and they like what they see, the next thing they are likely to look out for is an RSS icon. By clicking that, the visitor subscribes your page. Consequently whenever your site gets an update, an instant email will be sent at the new and existing subscribers’ registered email address.

RSS News Feed Vector Icon

rss news feed vector icon


3D RSS Icon

3d rss icon

Glossy RSS Icons with Different Colours

glossy rss icons with different colours


RSS Signs Icon Set

rss signs icon set


RSS Animal Paw Icon

rss animal paw icon

70+ 3D RSS Icons

70 3d rss icons


Grey Colour RSS Icons

grey colour rss icons


RSS Feed Web Icons

rss feed web icons


Vector Design of Trendy RSS Icon

vector design of trendy rss icon


Modern RSS Icons

modern rss icons

Well knowing the importance RSS icons have, designers have created several unique and stylish RSS icons you could use on your website or webpage. Take a look!

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