Many people dread the idea of doing laundry and what’s more, there isn’t really a provision of a laundry room in most homes. Of course, working in a tiny cramped area is not in the least motivating, which is why this list of laundry closet ideas is bound to give you a fresh perspective if you are looking for ways to revamp your laundry room. You may also See Modern Sunroom Designs

Laundry Closet Remodel Idea

laundry closet remodel idea

Stumped about where to keep your ironing board? Why not have a hide-away ironing board set in a custom-built drawer? This works much better than a foldable one.

Laundry Closet Doors

laundry closet doors

Doors get in the way a lot, especially when maneuvering a tiny space as would be the case with most laundry closets. One clever way to go about it would be installing doors designed to not only fold away but also come off the track rail completely! You may also See Hallway Designs

Laundry Closet Storage Idea

laundry closet storage idea

Designed By : Chip Gaines

Who said a modern minimalist apartment cannot have a laundry closet incorporated within? This just goes to show that laundry areas need not be clustered. All you need is room for the machines and a folding table and voila!

Kitchen Laundry Shelving Idea

kitchen laundry shelving idea

Stacking a washer and dryer will take up minimal space allowing you to fit a laundry closet even in the kitchen pantry. This just goes to show pretty much any space can be converted into a laundry closet, all you need is a little creativity.

Bathroom Laundry Closet

bathroom laundry closet1

Another option would be to completely turn the linen closet in your bathroom into a laundry closet. The space might seem like a tight fit but adding a few shelves and overhead cabinets will give room for cleaning supplies as well as some linen. You may also See Laundry Room Designs

Laundry Closet Countertop

laundry closet countertop

For those with large linen closet, why not fit a laundry area in there? All it takes is a few adjustments and you don’t even have to give away your linen space altogether. The countertop adds a nice touch to the above laundry closet.

Laundry Closet Curtains

laundry closet curtains

Design by : Abbey Construction Company, Inc.

You’d be surprised at the size of a nook a stacked washer and dryer could fit into. Add a beautifully draped curtain and you have effortlessly created a nice little laundry closet. The red washer and dryer add a tasteful pop of color to the room, don’t you think?

Laundry Closet Cabinets

laundry closet cabinets

Of course, there are those for whom space is simply not an issue and they can afford incorporating a laundry area in their walk-in closets. Give the room an elegant wall paint color and countertop then make a few tweaks to make the room cozier and doing laundry will forever be a bliss.

Laundry Closet Cabinet Idea

laundry closet cabinet idea

The modern finish of these machines provides a welcome juxtaposition against the traditional-looking glazed off-white cabinetry in this laundry area. The wall hanging and bright red floor rag give the room a polished airy look.

Laundry Black Door Closet Idea

laundry black door closet idea

Design by : M. Wright Design

This laundry closet is simply a joy to look at. The overhead cabinet, the raised washer and dryer, the floral wallpaper, what’s not to love? The flowers in a vase and the black doors just complete the look giving this closet a warm homely feel. You may also See Small Laundry Room Designs

Furnished Closet Laundry

furnished closet laundry

Small Laundry Closet Design

small laundry closet design

Closet Laundry Room Cabinet

closet laundry room cabinet

Rustic Laundry Closet Room

rustic laundry closet room

White Laundry Closet Idea

white laundry closet idea

Cool Laundry Closet Shelving

cool laundry closet shelving

One can never be short of laundry closet ideas. They can range from a small nook fitting just a washer and dryer even on to a large space fitting everything laundry-related. From Modern Scandinavian Designs to more traditional conservative ones, a laundry closet can be versatile in terms of both function and design.

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