Small or big, elevated or traditional, the closets act as one of the central storage areas in almost every home. Organised or cluttered, they support our everyday wear and daily carry-ons. But, on the contrary, if your closet doesn’t confirm this claim and actually delays your morning’s chores, it is time to put everything together, and we have the best solution to offer. Helping you organise and arrange, the below mentioned 10 ideas will clear your closet and give a settled start to your day.

1. De-Clutter

Organise your clothes and accessories in a suitable and efficient manner by placing the most used items at eye level, less used items above it and least used items high on the top. This will help you quickly select the daily outfits and reduce the pile on.

2. Appropriate Hangers

If you want to take good care of your clothing, decent hangers are a must. Whether it is satin padding for more delicate items or sturdy wooden hangers for tailored jackets, need appropriate hangers can help in keeping the clothes in a good condition.

3. Pegboards

Mounting a pegboard inside the closet door helps in creating an inexpensive and really handy mini dress station. Helpful in organising accessories, the pegboards don’t take up much space and look sleek and classy.

4. Categorize Your Clothing Pieces

Try and hang and organise your clothes under categories like blouses, pants, skirts, and dresses. You can further subcategorize with long-sleeve, mini, strapless, and dark colours. This will make the job of selecting daily clothes easy and convenient.

5. Make Use of Dividers

Dividers are actually divine. Use dividers to keep the small pieces from tangling and group the similar items together with the most used kept in front and so on and so forth. Recycled-plastic drawer organisers for socks, panties and bras will help to keep everything clean and clutter free.

6. Place Bags on Shelves

If you are someone who loves to carry a unique style of purse to match with every outfit then try and showcase all your purses or bags on shelves. Along with being easy to spot, you will also not forget the styles and designs you have.

7. Hook the Closet

Place the sturdy hooks high on a closet door or back of the closet to hang long fancy dresses so they don’t dust the floor.

8. Stack Shoe Boxes

Keep your shoes stacked in the shoe boxes with either built-ins or canvas shelves that help in maintaining the quality and appearance for a long period of time.

9. Large Boxes

Use large canvas boxes to store away neatly folded winter sweaters. This will help to keep the seasonal clothing in front and reduce the overload of items and accessories.

10. Hang a Mirror

If you have a walk-in closet, try hanging a mirror to instantly transform the closet into a dressing area. The simple addition along with serving a useful purpose also brightens and gives the illusion of a bigger space.

Give your closet the much-needed makeover with these 10 styling tips the coming new year.

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