In case you have a built in closet, then you are lucky enough to be able to choose stylish door designs for it. Every door has special and unique characteristics that make them stand out in your room. A door can bring personality as well as completing the room’s style. For this post, we have scoured the web and gathered amazing closet doors designs in order to show you all the available options for style. You may also see Door Designs

Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding doors are convenient because they don’t take any walking space. You can choose this door design for small and large rooms, while you can also choose the number of panels as well as the finish type each one can have.

Contemporary Sliding Closet Doors

contemporary sliding closet doors

Bifold Closet Doors

Bi-fold closet doors have an attractive design that is suitable for many room styles. From traditional to contemporary you can find every style, while the size and the number of the panels can range according to your needs.

Bifold Closet Door with Mirror

bifold closet door with mirror

Mirror Closet Doors

If you want to brighten up your space or to just make it look larger then you can choose a mirror closet door. Mirror doors have a sleek finish that will look elegant and sophisticated allowing you to experiment. You may also see Best Closet Organising Ideas

Mirror Bedroom Closet Doors

mirror bedroom closet doors

Modern Closet Doors

Modern doors might come in minimalist designs however their style levels are extremely high. You can choose a monochrome or a multicolored design that has modern characteristics and subtle decorative features in order to add a pop of color.

Modern Sliding Closet Door

modern sliding closet door

DIY Closet Doors

If you want to give a stylish makeover to your closet doors then you can use paint. A couple coats of paint in a creative color will give a pop of color that you can complete with designer knobs.

DIY Wooden Closet Door

diy wooden closet door

Bedroom Closet Doors

Add more style in your bedroom, choosing an impressive closet door design. From eccentric to French style, you can find every style you look for while you can experiment with the various concepts and designs till you achieve the right look.

White Bedroom Closet Doors

white bedroom closet doors

White Closet Doors

White closets have an elegant design that can be incorporated in every style. This is a great choice for a white bedroom design since you can play around with the various decorative options for closet doors, with mirrors or engravings.

White Closet Door for Kid’s Room

white closet door for kids room

Wood Closet Doors

For an all time classic look, you should consider wood closet doors. The multitude of door designs range in style and colors giving you many options for your closets. Choose the right design depending on the room’s style for effect. You may also see Walk-In Closet Designs

Modern Wooden Closet Door Design

modern wooden closet door design

Laundry Closet Doors

Closet doors can hide everything you want hidden. This is a great option for hiding your laundry. You can choose a stylish design that will make the space look personalized and elegant as well as keep your laundry appliances hidden.

Colorful Laundry Closet Doors

colorful laundry closet doors

Rustic Closet Doors

Worn wood is the ideal material for the rustic style. You can choose a design made of reclaimed wood bringing a natural but faded design in your space or a brand new design with visible grains for a raw style.

Rustic Wood Closet Doors Design

rustic wood closet doors design

Bathroom Closet Doors

Closet doors will make your bathroom look stylish while helping you hide away your storage space. You can choose a design that is matching the room’s style or you can go for a statement one that will work as a focal point.

Small Bathroom Closet Door

small bathroom closet door

Stewart Thomas Design-Build

Small Closet Door Ideas

If your closet is small then you can choose a bi-fold door design. This will help you maintain free walking space while having a stylish closet door design. You can also choose sliding door designs in order to add personality.

Traditional Small Closet Door

traditional small closet door

Walk-In Closet Doors

You can match your walk in closet doors with the rest of the doors inside the house. This will make your space look even and stylish. You can find many designs that can look same or similar with indoor doors.

BedroomWalk-In Closet Door

bedroom walk in closet door

Pantry Closet Doors

Just because it’s the pantry, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can choose a door design that has decorative features in order to add visual stimuli in your kitchen while a matching style will help even the look.

Kitchen Pantry Closet Door

kitchen pantry closet door

In order to choose the right closet door you have to consider the room’s style. The available options are endless. Ranging from modern designs to traditional styles you can find many doors that will fit all your needs while giving you style and adding vivacious character completing your room’s look.

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